Mark Ruffalo May Have Closed His Deal To Appear In The ‘She-Hulk’ Series 

During C2E2 2020 in Chicago, actor Mark Ruffalo confirmed that he was in “preliminary talks” with Marvel Studios to reprise the Bruce Banner/Professor Hulk role in their upcoming She-Hulk series. 

TheIlluminerdi now claims that Ruffalo has closed his deal. 

Apparently, Mark Ruffalo has been playing coy, and he’s already formally set and signed to return to his iconic role in the She-Hulk show for Disney+. 

The outlet previously posted a character breakdown for the show that revealed Jennifer Walter’s superhero origin connection to her cousin Bruce Banner and mentioned potentially joining the ranks of the Avengers in the future. 

They’re also being cautious about the recent rumor about Red Hulk showing up in She-Hulk as they can’t say for certain if he’ll appear or who the villain will be. 

We still haven’t learned who will ultimately play Jennifer in the series despite a rumbling that Marvel is seeking an Alison Brie-type for the part. 

She-Hulk is expected to begin shooting this summer in Atlanta, Georgia under the working title of Libra. 

We currently don’t know if Marvel plans on airing the series in late 2021 or 2022. 

Given the extensive visual effects that would be associated with motion capture characters like She-Hulk, Professor Hulk, and others we’d have to assume they’d be spending more time with post-production on this series compared to other stuff. 

Ruffalo has also talked about his interest to possibly avoid headaches from Universal Pictures and make a solo Professor Hulk series

RUFFALO: “Maybe we make it into a series and we jump through the Universal…Universal owns the rights to Hulk as a standalone movie, so that’s really why we can’t make one. But, we can do a TV show! I’d probably kind of start him on the run again a little bit. I think that really works and in this new digital age, we’re all surveilled, that might be kind of an interesting dimension to how he stays on the run. That’s probably where we’d start — him deciding ‘I don’t want to do this anymore,’ but it’s hard now because he’s the professor. He’s hard to hide.”


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