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Starting out as a YouTube channel, HN Entertainment (sometimes called Hybrid Network or HNE) has produced a multitude of video content since officially forming back in 2016. Originally, we were focused on producing informative yet entertaining original content, resulting in series such as VSCharacter Bios, and several specialized podcasts (MarveliteSuperfriends, AVP Underworld, HN Movies, HN TVetc.). As time went on, emphasis transitioned towards more news-related content, with ambitions to become the leading destination for entertainment media news. While those ambitions were not coming from a bad place, it unintentionally created a gradual loss of identity. Many blogs, outlets, and YouTube channels receive desired content views from practices such as clickbait, misleading titles, fake exclusive rumors, and other manipulative tactics to encourage “clicks” for monetized views. Before we stopped content at HN Entertainment, it was becoming apparent we either had to join that practice until it slowly killed our brand or reinvent the brand into something more sustainable. We chose the second option.  

We are suspending our short-form journalism and instead returning to our roots in long-form content. Going forward, we will produce engaging, informative, and dynamic audio-visual content on in the form of video series, podcasts, and newsletters. Starting with our video series on YouTube, we have refocused and will be releasing the following content in September:  

  • Monday: Character Bios (101) 
    • In this series, we introduce and break down characters belonging to upcoming or current film and TV franchises. Our goal with this series is to help viewers feel confident in their knowledge, so they can better understand and engage with any media involving that character. 
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Top 5/10 
    • In this series, we establish and present a countdown list, the format for this series is either a “Top 5” or “Top 10” depending on the theme. 
  • Wednesday: Behind The Screens 
    • In this series, we explore what happened with a movie or television production, going into why it never came to be and what could have been. Some productions could have been surprise hits while others are better left unmade. We piece together and share these untold and sometimes unknown stories. 
  • Friday: What If… 
    • In this series, we will pick a film or television series and generate “what if” scenarios inspired by a triad concept involving as thesis, antithesis, and synthesis. 
  • Saturday: Reviews 
    • A weekly review, providing thought-out and insightful critique on a film using a scale of 1-10 for the final score. The categories we use are acting, story, visuals, sound, direction, and execution. 

Our podcast and newsletters are a part of our niche-focused Annotated branding. The niches we are focusing on with Annotated are the following: 

  • Marvel Annotated: Focused on Marvel Entertainment comics, films, TV shows, and video games! 
  • DC Universe Annotated: Focused on DC Entertainment comics, films, TV shows, and video games!
  • Sci-Fi Annotated: Focused on various fantasy and science fiction franchises such as Star Wars, DUNE, Star Trek, MonsterVerse, and more! 
  • Entertainment Annotated: Focused on the film and TV industry in Hollywood along with the latest trends, box office reports, and technology updates! 

Full audio episodes can be found on Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Podcasts while video segments from each episode are uploaded onto YouTube. The newsletter versions of each Annotated series will start in mid-September so stay tuned for more updates on that!

Our website, where you’re reading this, relaunches in late September, it will have improved content engagement via voting polls, organized content libraries, event calendars, community forums, and a new user profile system. We will have regular website-only features too! Stay tuned for more updates on that!

If you are a long-time viewer or reader, we appreciate your patience and support while we have been absent. If you are a new viewer or reader, we hope the content we publish going forward makes you a long-term member of our community! 

It’s good to be back!

  • The HNE Team 

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