WB’s ‘Matrix 4’ Officially Being Released On May 21st, 2021

Warner Bros. has now given the fourth Matrix movie an official release date of May 21st, 2021.

Lana Wachowski is back behind the camera after co-directing the original Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, and Matrix Revolutions.

Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett-Smith will be returning alongside newcomers that include Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Aquaman, Watchmen), Neil Patrick Harris (Gone Girl, Starship Troopers), Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist, Godzilla vs Kong), and the latest addition of Jonathan Groff (Frozen, Frozen 2, Mindhunter).

There has been some speculation that both Neil Patrick Harris and Groff could be playing villains in this new movie (possibly Agents?).

Filming is said to begin this February in Chicago.

I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if Matrix 4 leads to a trilogy with Matrix 5 and Matrix 6 eventually happening as well. Warner Bros. seemingly see the value in the franchise and resurrecting it with a soft-reboot/sequels is that first step.

What is interesting there have been rumors this would focus on a young version of Morpheus, however, this has yet to be confirmed.

We’ll certainly keep our ears/eyes peeled for any and all potential details about the film.

Neo (Keanu Reeves) believes that Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), an elusive figure considered to be the most dangerous man alive, can answer his question — What is the Matrix? Neo is contacted by Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss), a beautiful stranger who leads him into an underworld where he meets Morpheus. They fight a brutal battle for their lives against a cadre of viciously intelligent secret agents. It is a truth that could cost Neo something more precious than his life.


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