American actress Angela Bassett (Black Panther, Mission: Impossible – Fallout) is the latest addition to the upcoming female-led assassin action film Gunpowder Milkshake starring Avengers: Endgame’s Karen Gillan and Game of Throne’s Lena Headey as mother and daughter. The news comes from Deadline, who reveals Angela will be playing Anna May, a role HN Entertainment first revealed from our character breakdown report from January.

Anna May is an arms dealer posing as a “librarian” that is asked to help Eva and her young companion Emily.

A young woman and her estranged mother (both assassins) must join forces on the run to take down a male-dominated crime syndicate they used to work for.

We first reported that Lena Heady was in the mix for a leading role in the action film, which was later confirmed by Deadline. Lena plays Scarlet, the mother of Karen’s Eva and a fellow assassin. HN also reported that Viggo Mortensen had been in the mix for the role of Nathan, but it’s unknown if they’ll end up landing him for the part.

EVA (KAREN GILLAN): An assassin following her estranged mother Scarlet’s footsteps by working for an agency called “The Firm”. She defies Nathan, her boss at The Firm, to rescue a young hostage named Emily from the Korean Mob. Eva is forced to reach out to Scarlet for help to save Emily.

SCARLET (LENA HEADEY): A fellow assassin and the mother of Eva, who had to give up her young daughter when she herself got into trouble. She is asked to help Eva, who is being hunted by the Korean Mob and “The Firm” after saving a young hostage named Emily. 

NATHAN (SUPPORTING MALE 40-59): Nathan is dressed all in black and has a scarred face. Eva’s boss at “The Firm” and is now after Eva after she kills a bunch of Korean mobsters to rescue a young hostage named Emily, and fails to complete another mission. 

EMILY (LEAD FEMALE 7): Emily is kidnapped by the Korean Mob because of a briefcase her father has stolen. Eva rescues her and the pair go on the run. 

MADELEINE (SUPPORTING FEMALE 50-59): A conservatively dressed woman in her 50’s that is an arms dealer posing as a librarian. Persuades two of her “librarians” Anna May and Florance to help Eva/Emily. 

Filming is expected to take place in Berlin, Germany.

There is an expectation that Angela Bassett will return for Christopher McQuarrie’s two Mission: Impossible sequels with Mission: Impossible 7 said to potentially begin filming later this year.

A release date for Gunpowder Milkshake has yet to be announced.


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