In January, we reported that Game of Thrones and Dredd actress Lena Headey was up for a role in Karen Gillan’s all-female assassin flick Gunpowder Milkshake, which was confirmed by Deadline last week. We had reported that Lena would likely be playing Gillan’s assassin mother.

There is another high-profile fantasy franchise actor wanted for a meaty role.

HN Entertainment can exclusively report that Oscar-nominee Viggo Mortensen (Lord of The Rings, Eastern Promises, A History of Violence, The Road, Green Book) has been offered the supporting role of Nathan, a boss of the firm that gives Karen Gillan’s character Eva her assassin gigs and eventually hunts her down alongside the Korean Mob.

We also were able to get ahold of the character breakdowns that would confirm that Headey is indeed playing fellow assassin Scarlet, Eva’s (Gillan) mother. Along with giving some insight on other characters including the role that Viggo may take.

EVA (KAREN GILLAN): An assassin following her estranged mother Scarlet’s footsteps by working for an agency called “The Firm”. She defies Nathan, her boss at The Firm, to rescue a young hostage named Emily from the Korean Mob. Eva is forced to reach out to Scarlet for help to save Emily.

SCARLET (LENA HEADEY): A fellow assassin and the mother of Eva, who had to give up her young daughter when she herself got into trouble. She is asked to help Eva, who is being hunted by the Korean Mob and “The Firm” after saving a young hostage named Emily. 

NATHAN (SUPPORTING MALE 40-59): Nathan is dressed all in black and has a scarred face. Eva’s boss at “The Firm” and is now after Eva after she kills a bunch of Korean mobsters to rescue a young hostage named Emily, and fails to complete another mission. 

EMILY (LEAD FEMALE 7): Emily is kidnapped by the Korean Mob because of a briefcase her father has stolen. Eva rescues her and the pair go on the run. 

MADELEINE (SUPPORTING FEMALE 50-59): A conservatively dressed woman in her 50’s that is an arms dealer posing as a librarian. Persuades two of her “librarians” Anna May and Florance to help Eva/Emily. 

Last month, we had exclusively posted a synopsis for the film that revealed some previously unseen plot details about the film that is supported by these character breakdowns.

A young woman and her estranged mother (both assassins) must join forces on the run to take down a male-dominated crime syndicate they used to work for.

On the production front, they’re now eyeing a June filming start in Budapest, Hungary and could wrap in August. Gunpowder Milkshake’s budget is said to be around $30 million, a budget similar to the John Wick movies.

It will be directed by Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, the Israeli directing duo behind the foreign language revenge thriller Big Bad Wolves.

Viggo Mortensen will next be making his directorial debut with the family drama Falling which shoots March-April in Toronto.

This summer production and character breakdowns would suggest that Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, New Mutants, Split, Glass) may not appear in the film due to her recently joining Edgar Wright’s next film Last Night In Soho (we first reported that title), a horror/thriller film set in London’s Soho neighbourhood in the vein of Don’t Look Now and Repulsion. We had previously revealed Anya was in the mix for a role in Gunpowder Milkshake but was likely wanted for the Eva role unless she was going to have a small role as one of the librarians.

Gunpowder Milkshake is currently without an official release date.


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