Back in May, Millie Bobby Brown was asked about Reddit/4chan rumblings that she was set for a role in Marvel Studios’ next big feature film The Eternals, directed by Chloe Zhao and flat out denied it on camera.

BROWN: “What is that?… Oh no, that’s a waste of time. I would really tell you straight up if I was, but no.”

Now, Variety off-handedly stuck her name in some San Diego Comic-Con write-up and people are assuming this is a huge confirmation. We’re calling this a rumor because normally something this big would deserve its own article even for Variety and oddly other trades aren’t picking up or confirming the blurb, which is normal for these types of larger casting news drops.

UPDATE: Millie has taken to Instagram during a live stream to address the rumors again for a second time. Flatout denying them as untrue. 

We’ve seen trade articles slip-up in the past as a Deadline article suddenly added Liam Neeson to the cast of Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man when they confused Neeson with the film’s actual lead Ralph Fiennes. Even trades make mistakes and this could be one as well, a big issue for me is that neither TheHollywoodReporter or even Deadline backed this up.

Her current production for Legendary Entertainment titled Enola Holmes could also conflict with the shoot of The Eternals, even if both are shooting in London, England. Major studios don’t allow actors (most importantly lead actors) to bounce between shoots for legal and insurance reasons if Millie was injured on the set of The Eternals and had to go back to shoot more scenes for Enola Holmes, Legendary would be screwed over. This is a huge reason why scheduling for movies are etched out and normally don’t overlap.

Filming on The Eternals begins in two months at Pinewood Studios UK.

Kevin Feige is expected to make some big announcements at San Diego Comic-Con next week, which could include the official casting for The Eternals, so stay tuned for that including HN Entertainment’s coverage as we’ll be attending the event.

Our coverage will begin next week!


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