Already teased in trailers and merchandise, the secondary antagonists throughout Spider-Man: Far From Home are the Elementals. These creatures don’t have a lot, if any, characterization although they are each inspired by C-level and B-level Spider-Man villains. The inspiration for each Elemental appears to be the following:

  • Earth Elemental = Sandman
  • Water Elemental = Hydro-Man
  • Air Elemental = Either Cyclone (C-level Spider-Man villain) or Whirlwind (more famous wind/air manipulation powerset villain)
  • Fire Elemental = Molten Man

While the Elementals were technically a fictitious threat by Mysterio and his crew, the backstory and abilities provided for them were interesting. In certain respects, it was almost similar to the Infinity Stones with how they were created from the universe instead of an advanced civilization. According to Mysterio, they were native to the Earth-833 universe, the Elementals were born within the stable orbits in black holes.

Based on the classical elements, they were sentient humanoid creatures composed of air, water, fire, and earth. Upon manifesting on Earth, the Elementals were said to battle Earth-833’s greatest defenses. That Earth couldn’t defeat the Elementals which eventually resulted in the death of Mysterio’s family and destruction of Earth-833, either during or right after Mysterio escaped to Earth-616.

The most powerful Elemental was said to be the Fire Elemental, as it can grow in size as it consumes more metal. When it reaches a certain size, it can instead pull energy from the Earth’s Core which destabilizes planets resulting in their destruction. There was technically another Elemental that appears in the final London battle, stated to be about 100x the size of the previous Elementals. This “Storm” Elemental had characteristics of the four previous Elementals along with electrical abilities.

Instead of manipulating electricity (like Electro) it instead generated electricity in the form of lightning effects to go along with the storm theme it had. Since Mysterio did a good job of manipulating the narrative of events, it’s possible he may attempt to “battle” the Elementals again. If he were to create new Elementals, top candidates would include characters with themes of electricity, pure fire (Molten Man was more like a molten rock character vs made entirely of flames), ice, and metal. For electricity, a good basis would be Electro. However, Electro may be a character considered too popular for such a heartless treatment.

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