At one time, Legion/Fargo series creator Noah Hawley (Lucy In The Sky) was planning on directing a Doctor Doom solo film and was penning the script as well. Hawley had revealed that things might still be cooking with Doom after teasing that Kevin Feige asked if he was still writing the script.

There seems to be another small update and reveals that Noah actually had an actual meeting with Feige.

While speaking with TheHollywoodReporter, Noah revealed some brief details about his meeting with Kevin Feige and how might want to tackle various different types of superhero films, branching-off beyond what has been done before.

HAWLEY: “I did sit down with [Marvel Studios’ president] Kevin Feige recently and I said that I look at myself as sort of the Marvel R&D department. I know the genre can do all of these amazing things that [the Marvel Cinematic Universe] is doing, but my feeling is, what else can we do with it? Can we make it surreal? Can we make it musical? Not as a gimmick, but all of these techniques are about putting you into the subjective experience of these characters.”

Doctor Doom isn’t the only Fox property that Kevin Feige might be interested in, as Vice’s Adam McKay has revealed early chatter with Marvel about a Silver Surfer movie.

The Russo Brothers have publicly backed-up the Marvel Cinematic Universe using Hawley’s version of Doctor Doom, and that might end up being a project that carries over from the merger.


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