Aquaman’s box office global total has broken a superhero record at Warner Bros. (via BoxOfficeMojo) as it has surpassed The Dark Knight Rises as the highest-grossing film based on a DC Comics character earning a massive $1.09 billion. Obviously, this would mean they’ve secured multiple sequels and spin-offs for years to come.

However, director James Wan is still not completely committed to directing Aquaman 2 as Deadline points out he is keen on developing the film and finding writers, but ultimately will choose to direct based on the script. Waiting for a strong script isn’t a terrible idea and should end up giving audiences a worthy sequel.

Sources said the plan in discussion is for Wan to oversee the development of a second film, including the selection of writers, and then make a decision on whether to direct it when he sees the script.

We haven’t even seen the release of Wonder Woman 1984, but director Patty Jenkins is already giving some hints for Wonder Woman 3, which she hasn’t decided if she’ll direct yet. Jenkins did mention to TheHollywoodReporter that she doesn’t plan on making Wonder Woman 3 another period film alluding to a present-day setting for the third installment.

“I’m not planning to put it in the past again, because where are you going to go? You have to go forward. It’s definitely a contemporary story. That’s all I can say. Where we put it and how that gets figured out, I haven’t totally nailed down.”

Patty also suggesting a desire to see the other characters properly flushed-out before attempting a Justice League sequel and that they hold off on that for a little bit.

“The Justice League movie, I find those movies to be extremely challenging. I think they are fantastic when they are well done,” said Jenkins. “But taking on all of those characters at the same time in the timeline. … I sort of hope that we don’t do a Justice League movie for a little while because I’m excited to see all of their movies. I want to see Aquaman 2, I want to see Flash.”

Shazam! is the next big DC Comics film and will be released on April 5th and Wonder Woman 1984 is set for June 5th, 2020.


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