It was recently confirmed that Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway would be playing the Grand High Witch in Robert Zemeckis’ remake of the Roald Dahl classic The Witches for Warner Bros. As the film’s production eyes an April start they’ve already started assembling the main crew alongside the cast.

HN Entertainment has learned that cinematographer Don Burgess is expected to reunite with director Robert Zemeckis for The Witches. Don’s varied film credits include Forrest Gump, Spider-Man, Cast Away, Source Code, Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines, The Conjuring 2, Allied, Flight, and The Book of Eli.

His most recent film is the billion-dollar hit Aquaman.

Filming is said to be taking place at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in the United Kingdom with Alabama/Lousiana possibly being eyed for secondary Stateside locations. As the film takes place in the American South (Alabama) during 1969 with the role of Luke being played by a young African-American actor.

This new take on the source material has been confirmed by Robert Zemeckis.

We previously revealed that fellow Oscar-winner Viola Davis is currently wanted for the grandmother role.

The Witches isn’t the only Roald Dahl live-action project WB is developing as Paddington’s Paul King is set to direct a Willy Wonka movie that takes place years before the events of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Warner Bros. has recently given The Witches a Halloween season release date of October 6th, 2020.

While staying at a hotel in England with his grandmother, Helga, young Luke inadvertently spies on a convention of witches. The Grand High Witch reveals a plan to turn all children into mice through a magical formula. When they find that Luke has overheard, the witches test the formula on him. Now, with the help of Helga and the hotel manager, Mr. Stringer, Luke the mouse must fight back against the witches.


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