John Wick creator Derek Kolstad has a new potential action franchise in the works as he paired up with Twilight Zone and First Purge director Gerard McMurray for an original project titled Booker, that would feature an African-American character in the lead, who I assume is named Booker.

Deadline broke the news about the project and the heated auction to land it by various studios including Lionsgate, Amazon, Netflix, Sony Pictures, and Universal Pictures with Sony coming out victorious.

The hot pitch package Booker has been won at auction by Sony Pictures Entertainment, with Davis Entertainment aboard to produce, sources said. Deadline revealed the auction last night when it had five bids on the table for a John Wick-esque hard-boiled action film with an African American male lead. Derek Kolstad, who scripted the first two John Wick films, is writing this one with Gerard McMurray, who’ll direct the film as his follow-up to The First Purge. He is currently helming an episode of Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone revival.

Sony was vying for the project along with Amazon, Netflix, Universal and Lionsgate, sources said last night.

They also tease a high-profile actor may nab the role.

There are several actors out there who would thrive in a gritty action vehicle like this — anyone say Michael B. Jordan or Idris Elba? — but there is currently not an actor attached to star.

John Wick is certainly an action franchise that has elevated the gene and Derek Kolstad seems to know how to write these films, so I’ll certainly be interested to see how this shapes up and who ends up playing Booker.


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