With Jordan Peele’s US proving another critical and commercial success, many viewers are having to return to theaters just to try understanding what they watched. It’s a crazy movie, to say the least, with an ending almost nobody expected. However, for those still confused or searching for spoilers before watching the film, who or what are the Tethered aka the doppelgängers?

The Tethered, to put it simply, are presented as identical versions of people aboveground except they don’t have a soul of their own. It’s interesting because as their name suggests, they’re tied to the actions of their “regular” selves. This means when someone above ground does something the doppelgänger also experiences a version of that. Whether it’s playing a game or starting a family.

The scissors and outfit are tied to the theme of how they’re like prisoners tied to the actions of those above them, in a higher class, forced to suffer as second-class individuals while those above them flourish. The scissors also invoke the feeling of wanting to be free, as their goal is to kill their “normal” counterparts in order to free themselves and live aboveground.

This can be interpreted as well as the doppelgängers wanting to experience free will. The goal of the Tethered is an event called the Untethering, which will show the Tethered linking hands around the world recreating the Hands Across America advertisement. The Tethered speak primarily through grunts and gestures, as they don’t have anyone to teach them a proper language.

The exact backstory of who initiated the cloning or creation of the doppelgängers isn’t shared during the movie. Potentially a sequel can explore the mysterious origins considering how many there seem to be worldwide based on the film.

Comment below with your thoughts, would you like to see a sequel which explores more of the history behind the Tethered? Let us know your thoughts down below and we’ll catch you guys on the next editorial!

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