Quentin Tarantino recently did an interview on the podcast HappySadConfused, where he talked up the possibility of working with Uma Thurman again for a possibly Kill Bill 3.

Something we missed in that interview is that he still seems very interested in covering Bill’s origin and his connections to Hatori Hanzo, Pei Mei, and Estebian Vihaio.

TARANTINO: “That’s an interesting question. I think the four that probably qualify the most…it would be The Bride, Bill, Landa, and Aldo.”

“I’ve wondered what happens to The Bride, you know ten years later, fifteen years later, what happens to her daughter.”

“None of these I’ve worked out scenarios for.”

“But the whole Bill origin story has always entranced me with the idea of these three godfathers Estebian Vihaio the Mexican pimp, Hatori Hanzo, and Pei Mei. And how he had to go through all three of those to become this diabolic Bill.”

This Kill Bill prequel covering the origin of Bill isn’t a new idea as he told Empire back in 2004, that he wanted to make a Bill anime prequel in the style of the anime sequence from Kill Bill Vol.1 covering the backstory of Lucy Liu’s O’Ren Ishii.

With David Carradine’s passing having him voice Bill in an anime project is never going to happen.

Hypothetically, if Tarantino ever did make Kill Bill 3 there could easily be another animated sequence regaling Bill’s origin. Perhaps, Thurman’s Beatrix Kiddo is telling her daughter Bibi about her father’s violent past narrating the sequence.


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