Daniel Richtman/DanielRPK (via FullCircle) has apparently posted a new rumor on his Patreon page. He claims that Incredible Hulk actress Liv Tyler is in negotiations with Marvel Studios to reprise the role of Betty Ross in their She-Hulk series along with William Hurt’s Thunderbolt Ross.

Ritchman has reported that Tyler is currently in negotiations to reprise her role as from The Incredible Hulk in the Disney+ series. 

The information is hidden to non-subscribers, so we’re not able to verify, but he recently posted something She-Hulk related on October 12th on the page and I assume that FullCircle is following as they’re directly sourcing Daniel without a link to his YouTube/Twitter accounts.

Hurt was recently spotted on the Black Widow set recently looking a little older than he did in Captain America: Civil War, suggests this might be a post-Avengers: Endgame scene he filmed for Marvel.

Interesting enough, while Jennifer Walters is best known as the She-Hulk persona, Betty in the comics became Red She-Hulk and this could be how she factors into the series. Also, it could further hint to Mark Ruffalo’s Professor Hulk appearing in the show.

We currently don’t have an idea when She-Hulk will begin filming or will air on Disney+ as it was only announced as happening at D23 Expo 2019 this summer.


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