Marvel Studios head and Marvel’s CCO Kevin Feige has just confirmed to TheHollywoodReporter that She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight will be making the jump to the big screen after their debut on Disney+ with their solo series.

Feige is currently developing shows based around Ms. Marvel — the studio’s first Muslim hero — as well as She-Hulk and Moon Knight. All three will appear on the big screen after their Disney+ debuts, the exec confirms.

It was recently revealed that Jessica Gao (Silicon Valley, Rick & Morty) would be the lead writer on She-Hulk, Jeremy Slater (Umbrella Company, Fantastic Four) on Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel will have Bisha K. Ali as the showrunner.

While we all suspected these characters would eventually make the jump to the movies, this is the first confirmation from Marvel Studios this will be happening.

Feige has previously revealed that the upcoming shows would directly connect with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the events would also carry over to it.

However, the first wave of shows announced included existing characters from the films and now we know definitely the new characters like Marc Spector, Kamala Khan, and Jennifer Walters will be heading to the feature films (won’t be marooned on Disney+).

Where they show up is unknown for the moment but I wouldn’t be terribly shocked if Moon Knight teamed-up Doctor Strange or Blade. There have also been rumblings that the Young Avengers could be introduced in Ant-Man 3, Ms. Marvel is a member that seems like a spot along with Captain Marvel 2.

Marvel has yet to officially announce casting for those roles along with targeted drop dates on Disney+.


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