I know fans had some idea that because of Deadpool’s mature nature that he would never be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that has now been disputed by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige while speaking with TheHollywoodReporter in a podcast chat.

Kevin suggests that X-Men and Deadpool could join the ranks/interact with the Avengers.

THR: Disney, the most recent acquisition I guess would be Fox, and I guess theoretically now X-Men and Deadpool are in the family. Is there any reason to believe they would not be integrated with the Avengers and these characters as well at some point?

FEIGE: “No. No reason to believe that.”

Plenty of X-Men characters have joined the ranks of The Avengers, the most notable ones have been Scarlet Witch (not officially a mutant and the deceased Quicksilver (not officially a mutant). Their strong connection to the Avengers was the main reason that they were shared by Marvel and 20th Century Fox.

It’ll be interesting to see if Wanda will be retconned or revealed to be a mutant, even if her DNA was altered by an infinity stone via Loki’s staff by HYDRA.

The other big-name X-Men character to join their ranks was Dr. Hank McCoy aka Beast back in 1976.

Wolverine would make the most sense as he’s the biggest crossover X-Men member.

Others would later join the Avengers in various comics including Rogue, Cable, Storm, and even Marvel’s first mutant Namor McKenzie aka The Sub-Mariner (not traditionally an X-Men though), who joined in the team in 1985.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what X-Men will join the ranks for the next big team-up event.

Kevin has previously suggested the main X-Men team film isn’t currently part of their five-year plan while talking to press at San Diego Comic-Con.

However, it does look like they might be moving a little quicker with the next Deadpool movie as Ryan Reynolds has seemingly met with Marvel Studios a couple of times about the project (teasing it could be coming for Phase 5) and franchise screenwriter Paul Wernick revealed that Wade Wilson can continue to play within his R-rated sandbox.

How they will ultimately introduce mutants in the MCU is unknown but WandaVision and Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness could alter reality to bring them in the fold via Scarlet Witch/Multiverse.


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