The streaming wars are underway with Apple TV+ and Disney+ set to launch next month becoming direct competitors to Netflix.

Variety did a rundown of the upcoming streaming services and suggested in their HBO Max segment that Warner Bros. could be producing them 8-10 feature films. They aren’t giving details about what those projects could be but speculate that J.J. Abrams and Greg Berlanti could produce/oversee some of them.

Disney’s rivals aren’t as firm in their plans, but they’re beginning to move aggressively. HBO Max is expected to lean heavily on Warner Bros. to supply it with exclusive content. The subscription service hopes the studio will provide it with eight to 10 movies, a number that could ramp up over time. Certain films could be produced or overseen by the likes of Abrams and Greg Berlanti, two prominent creative forces with overall deals on the lot. Some of these productions could be tentpole-sized, with healthy budgets that could rival those of major feature films.

Going down further the speculation rabbit hole they mention that some of the films could eventually be DC Comics/DC Universe related. Although, they aren’t naming anything in the works.

Eventually, productions will likely hail from the DC Universe, WarnerMedia’s in-house comic book division, as it looks for compelling content. The studio was successful in convincing Melissa McCarthy to release her upcoming comedy “Superintelligence” on the service, and other feature projects could follow suit.

I don’t see why HBO Max wouldn’t look towards New Line Cinema and James Wan to develop horror movies for them as well.

Even something like The Trench (an Aquaman spinoff produced by James Wan) could be something better suited for streaming.


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