‘Westworld’ Season 3 Episode 4 Review & Recap – Mother of Exiles

While Doroles sets her plan in motion, the newest episode of Westworld sees the return of The Man in Black aka Wiliam.

When we see William he having trouble grasping his reality as his daughter is essentially haunting him after he accidentally killed her back in the park when he was convinced that she was simply another host. He’s brought back to reality for a moment when “Charlotte” informs him of Serac’s hostile takeover plans and needs him to return to Delos for an emergency shareholders meeting.

We see rocket ships landing in Flordia and there are teases that humans have perfected space travel.

Dolores and Caleb go suit shopping. Then proceed to steal the identity of someone that works for Liam to access his finances and transfer funds, Liam handing his fingerprint over to one of Dolores’ cohorts. They go to the bank where Dolores almost wipes out the entire.

Maeve and Serac are in Singapore where he reveals that Paris, France is gone (seemingly bombed if Serac’s flashback it to be believed) and tries to convince her to help him find/capture Dolores. Serac is certainly more villainous than previously shown and his intentions might not be that different from Dolores.

Maeve is given the name of The Mortician as the first clue where to find Dolores leading her to someone that helped Dolores with changing her identity and leading her to the Yakuza, others who have helped Dolores. She heads to a distillery, a Yakuza front, tearing up a handful of goons guarding the place leading her to Musashi posing as a Yakuza boss named Sato.

Liam attempts to buy a hooker a ritzy party and when he attempts to pay he discovers his account was denied, his friends are using a new designer drug called “genre”. When Bernad shows up tried to get to Liam making sure he wasn’t replaced with a host.

It is revealed at the end that Dolores has made copies of herself inserting them in other host bodies including Charlotte, Connells, and Musashi. After this reveal, Charlotte/Dolores uses William’s hallucinations of his dead daughter against him and has him committed as a way of taking control of Delos away from him.

Mother of Exiles is a little more somber and less action-focused although we see some fights between Dolores and Ashley (Luke Hemsworth) along with Maeve manipulating the guns of Yakuza footsoldiers killing them in the process. However, the episode seemingly is more about revealing key elements of Dolores’s plan and pulling the curtain on who exactly is in these new host bodies, sadly it’s just her.

We also get a glimpse to some sort of disaster in Paris, either some act of war or terrorism which again speaks to the possibility they’re not living in a “real world” and it’s yet another construct build to keep people in another fantasy reality (a Matrix of sorts) from experience the harsh reality that might be the true existence humans are forced to live with.

This certainly more of the more interesting episodes as there are plenty of answers given and of the mystery behind the host replacements is coming into focus.

Stay tuned as we continue to cover the rest of the season and coming up very soon is our review/recap of Episode 5 titled Genre.

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