‘Westworld’ Season 3 Episode 4 Review & Recap – Genre

Episode 5 titled Genre opens with Serac as a young boy after France is bombed as he was lucky to be outside of the city with his brother when it dropped. We get to see what happened to Serac and his brother after a Paris is essentially erased via what seems to be a nuclear bomb, given they showed a mushroom cloud.

Serac came into the new world looking to build a new god, his predictive artificial intelligence called Rehoboam that he built with his brother and Liam’s father helped pay for it. We see Serac speaking to the President of Brazil and threatens him to do what he wants or he’ll help become replaced revealing that he’s using the A.I. to country leaders around the world as some sort of puppet master rather than a peacekeeper.

We see Serac in the past with his brother using Rehoboam to manipulate and predict the stock market as a way to keep Liam Sr. on board and finance it by playing the man’s greed. Eventually, Serac sacrifices his brother and Liam Sr. showing how much Rehoboam has corrupted him from their original intentions, to keep the world from tearing itself apart.

Dolores and Caleb now have kidnapped Liam using him to get access to Incite, Serac is made aware of this by his security detail observing data. Caleb is dosed with Liam’s party drug Genre, once it kicks-in the screen goes black-and-white with older score behind it, what Caleb is experiencing on the drug.

The trio is being tailed and the auto-system of their vehicle keeps them in place as a group of assassins approaches the car firing on it as Dolores disables the security system putting them back on the road. The March of the Valkyries (thanks to Genre) starts playing as they’re being chased and they end up dispatching the goons with some help from Dolores’ motorcycle and some of Caleb’s friends.

Martin and Bernard turn up to Incite have they’ve been tasked to release all the personal data and predictions for the world population, essentially pulling the curtain that Serac had set up with Rehoboam. This act enrages Serac and leads to Martin blowing himself along with some of Serac’s sentinels one of them is Martel (played Pom Klementieff).

Ashely shows up and leaves the building with Bernard before Martin sets off the explosion.

The world seems to be at the beginning of chaos as the population now knows how they will die and other deeply personal information about their projected future.


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