The X-Men are indeed coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the near future, as Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently revealed that they could start to develop/plan ideas to use them for the MCU by the summer. While people are dying to see Easter Eggs in upcoming movies teasing their future appearances we have some concrete things we’d like to see when they do start being introduced.

COMIC BOOK ACCURATE HEROES/VILLAINS: The Singerverse took a bunch of liberties with the X-Men characters, some of them such as Rogue were almost unrecognizable. Rogue taking more of a Jubilee role in the series as a teenage runaway, rather than the more popular version of the character as a grown woman with her super strength and ability to fly (from her assault on Carol Danvers). Her real origin connected to Danvers can be explored and finally see the version of Rogue that fans have grown up with as a reboot/recasting of the characters feels like a foregone conclusion due to Marvel Studios likely wanting their own actors, severing the confusing continuity, and making the characters more like the ones branded in their comics.

Storm and Cyclops are two others that seemed to be completely off personality-wise. Storm in the comics/cartoon always felt more like the matriarch of the team and second in command, but in the films rarely had that kind of role within the team. Cyclops’ boy scout leader persona was placed more into the typical jock archetype which has turned off a lot of people to the character when he should be more of a Jack Ryan type.

One of the odder villain adaptations in the Singerverse were the Sentinels that looked like modern vacuum cleaners in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Rather than the giant Terminator-like threats, like they were in the comics and cartoon. A comic book accurate version of these guys would be lovely to see and with Marvel Studios hiring ILM to handle the effects they should end up being pretty damn impressive. A looming artificial intelligence threat for both humans and mutants alike feels like something that has been overlooked as the Singerverse felt the need to combine the future incarnations of them with Mystique making the design one of the more uglier in the franchise.

With the Dark Phoenix being released in June we don’t expect to see Marvel attempting to redo the Phoenix Saga story anytime soon, but the real version of that story would be great to see fully realized and tying it into the larger cosmic universe would be nice to see. The upcoming film seemingly will be more of an Earthbound version and could be a little disappointing for those of us that were expecting off-world/cosmic adventures.

SHI’AR EMPIRE & STARJAMMERS: Speaking of cosmic adventures, a large chunk of the character library of the X-Men include a bunch of aliens such as The Stajammers led by Cyclops’ father Corsair and the many characters under the umbrella of the Shi’ar Empire. Plenty of those characters could help expand Guardians of The Galaxy and Captain Marvel franchises, while Starjammers could deserve their own movie.

CABLE/BISHOP’S DYSTOPIAN FUTURE: One of the best elements in Deadpool 2 was the glimpses of Cable’s future, not unlike the future sequences in X-Men: Days of Future Past (in my opinion the best parts of the movie). There are a couple stories with Cable and Bishop that could be explored in X-Force or spin-off films, the future plays a big role in the X-Men comics but it’s been rarely the main setting of a film (the near future of Logan had very little futuristic stuff in it) something that Marvel could explore.

R-RATED MOVIES: Disney’s Bob Iger has said publicly he’s very much interested in making Deadpool sequels and since that franchise is different from other stuff due to its rating, we’re hoping they’ll start to make R-rated movies. Iger suggesting they’re also open to that idea if they’re able to inform the public certain movies are indeed not family-friendly. Developing a mature shingle of Marvel Studios might be the way to go there, calling it Marvel Knights or Marvel Max taking inspiration from the mature wing of their comic books.

Then again, Marvel and Disney have yet to announce any plans for R-rated movie despite some suggestions from Kevin Feige that they’re interested in bringing back an R-rated franchise like Blade back sometime in the future.

WOLVERINE’S MILITARY EXPERIENCE IN WWII: Despite the recent fan-theories, Marvel Studios is likely going to be recasting/rebooting Wolverine (along with the other characters) and one thing I’d like to see is his military service explored. Mainly, his time during World War II that hasn’t been mined in the Fox movies only glossed over. Perhaps, even connecting him to a mission with Captain America and The Howling Commandos or his own solo movie. Another angle I’d to see covered is his time in Black Ops working with Department H and the Weapon X Program during the Cold War.

A period solo film for Wolverine might be a good way to re-introduce the character in the MCU and connecting him to the larger picture.

I also would love to see Marvel consider using the costume designs from the Jim Lee era.

Marvel Studios has plenty of ways to go with these characters and future films but these are just a few ideas we’d like to bring to their attention.

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