Last week, Studio ADI revealed set photos from The Predator that revealed they had originally planned an ending scene (Predator killer) that included Ripley in a Weyland Cyro-tube. This was a little confusing since Alien takes place in 2122, almost a full hundred years from The Predator. Well, this isn’t the wackiest part of these planned scenes.

Studio ADI (via Yuri Everson) now adding that an adult Rebecca Jordan aka Newt (also played by Breanna Watkins, who played Ripley too) almost made the cut. The Ripley scene was weird enough, but having an adult Newt is just bonkers considering she died as a child in the opening sequence of Alien 3 and even had an uncomfortable autopsy scene (then had her body thrown into the lead works).

Interesting enough, Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 wouldn’t have only brought back Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Ripley but also resurrecting characters like Newt and Hicks, who had been killed off in Alien 3 (Newt as a child). Could these scenes have been connected to Alien 5?

Blomkamp had suggested that an adult Newt (confirmed with concept artwork) could be passed the torch by Ripley. These scenes might have been an attempt to tease to Alien 5 before the film was ultimately thrown into development limbo, as Studio ADI had developed a Hicks costume based on Alien 5 concept artwork only to never end up using it. So, in theory, they might have had a bunch of unused Alien 5 props laying around the shop.

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