How the MCU Can Introduce Sentry

With multiple reports hinting towards a Dark Reign adaptation within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, excitement builds towards the casting for key characters such as Norman Osborn and members of his Dark Avengers. So far, the expectation is that the Dark Avengers will be a psuedo-Thunderbolts team in the MCU.

This would likely include a multitude of characters introduced within Phase 4 and Phase 5, including US Agent and/or Taskmaster. A character that was featured in the comic book story-line yet not rumored for the MCU is Sentry, the Golden Guardian of the Marvel Universe. In this installment of Marvel Annotated, we’ll explore how Sentry could be introduced into the MCU.  

Sentry: Character Overview 

The character of the Sentry is the result of a Super Soldier Serum attempt, although the recreated serum was magnified to unfathomable levels of power. One of the serums produced, known as the Golden Sentry Serum, provided the user with solar-based superhuman abilities. Over a decade later, a meth addict named Robert Reynolds found the serum while trying to get high.

After drinking the serum, Robert gained superhuman abilities compared to the power of a million exploding suns. These abilities included at least superhuman strength, speed, durability, healing, flight, and energy projection at such high levels that he’s considered a top 3 most powerful hero on Earth. Robert had a desire to use his powers for the greater good and became the superhero known as the Sentry. 

As the Sentry, he worked with the Fantastic Four, Avengers, and X-Men. He always was a friend and calming effect for The Hulk as well as a mentor for Spider-Man. Unfortunately, Robert still carried his addiction from before the serum into his new life. A dark persona also manifested with his powers, seeking to create destruction and chaos if the Sentry was active.

To prevent untold levels of destruction, The Sentry had Doctor Strange and Reed Richards create a system to erase all memories of the Sentry. This also made Robert forget about the Sentry persona which kept the Void from returning. Whenever his memories returned, Robert battled the Void until he eventually merged his personalities into a single entity that was neither a hero nor villain. 

Disney+ Series or Film?  

Due to the complex backstory and psychology of the character, I think a Disney+ series would do the most justice. A psychological thriller taking cues from a film like Shutter Island would be ideal, as the plot twist with the Void would be a great mid-season twist. The Sentry would also likely be a one-and-done project by Marvel Studios, since the character is so powerful and has the world forget him in his origin.  

This would make the project a miniseries, which may help recruit some A-list talent for lead roles since the commitment wouldn’t be beyond that of a movie installment. I also think a potential benefit of making Sentry a miniseries would be the ability to tell a completed story. While you can leave the door open for future appearances, writers can focus more of telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end instead of connecting it to a future event or MCU installment.  

How Sentry Can Connect to the MCU 

Similar to his comic book origin, Sentry can be one of various super soldier programs combined with the powers of the Tesseract. This explanation can be based on the developments of Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. after viewing how Carol Danvers became empowered by the Tesseract. If Gamma radiation along with a super soldier serum can produce The Hulk…imagine what would happen when the super soldier serum is enhanced with Tesseract energy.  

The resulting character, based on the MCU Hulk and Captain Marvel, would be like Sentry.

From Bruce Banner’s experience combining gamma radiation with the super soldier serum you’d likely receive: 

  • Immense superhuman strength, healing, and durability 
  • Personality-split based on transformation 

Based upon Carol Danvers’ experience from the Tesseract enhancing her physiology: 

  • Superhuman strength, reflexes, speed, and durability 
  • Energy absorption and projection 
  • Longevity 
  • Flight 

With the super soldier serum, Doctor Erskine stated that it would amplify everything that is inside the person. With a character such as Robert Reynolds, his self-destructive behavior before becoming Sentry would establish a clear explanation for the Void’s emergence. Sentry fits well within the already explored and defined MCU as it pertains to super soldier serum and Infinity Stone enhanced individuals.  


Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have rarely been superheroes showcased with the complexity of Sentry. Having a superhero with the power of a god who’s literally his own worst enemy would provide a refreshing psychological thriller. In many ways, this is a territory The Incredible Hulk and its unmade sequel could’ve explored with multiple personalities pertaining to a superhero. At the same time, Marvel can utilize Sentry as an endeavor into exploring mental illness within the superhero community. If Dark Reign is incoming within the MCU, it would be a great surprise to watch Sentry in live action join the Dark Avengers/Thunderbolts as a powerhouse balance against Thor or Captain Marvel.  

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