Anthony Mackie has been a supporting figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and thankfully in Avengers: Endgame he’s been given a promotion of sorts moving forward.

Still, it was a bit surprising to see that early on who would take over Captain America’s mantle now that Steve Rogers is now too old to carry the shield, as he handed over the shield to Sam Wilson aka The Falcon played by Anthony Mackie at the end of the film.

In an interview with IMDB, Mackie reveals his thoughts on taking on the mantle for himself and his sons. He also suggests he might end up wearing the new Captain America suit in the Disney+ series.


“It’s like being handed the Oscar, for me. For Chris to be like: ‘Here’s the shield’, that’s like ‘and Best Actor goes to’…”

“It means a lot for my sons to be able to see Captain America as a black dude. That means a lot, to me. And to be that dude for my sons. So that thank you, that moment, wasn’t just about ‘Hey, we’re acting’. It’s like a lot of things have gone right twenty years in this business and for that to happen.”

When asked when it’ll sink in that he’s now playing Captain America his response seems to allude that when he sees the suit together with the shield it’ll be real to him, suggesting that might take place in the Disney+ series.

“I think once I see the suit, I haven’t seen it. So once I see the suit, once we start this Disney+ series then I think it’ll be real…It’ll be real when I see it.”

While suggesting that films could also be in the future for Sam Wilson’s Captain America, he reveals that he wanted to tell the story of him becoming Captain America, which could be covered in the Disney+ series before moving on to the films.

“What I didn’t want for me to get the shield from Cap and then the next movie I show up and you just see me in some pimped-out suit with a shield.”

“What happened between that?”

“That’s why I’m so interested in seeing how do we build that to the next film. “

“What you don’t want to do is an origin film.”

While admittedly revealing he doesn’t know a whole lot about the series, he gave some of the impressions he has for it as it will likely have Bucky and Sam navigating superhero life post-Steve Rogers.

“I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen a new suit, I haven’t seen anything. What I’m guessing…Bucky and I go off on a worldwind adventure to save the world and find life after Captain America.”

Perhaps, they’ll end up retitling the series from Falcon and The Winter Soldier to Captain America and The Winter Soldier, given that Sam is most likely going to be taking on that mantle in the series and from now on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m also just hoping they’re able to give Wilson some sort of version of the super-soldier formula because he’s slightly more vulnerable than Stever or Bucky without it.







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