Actor Zachary Levi took part at CCXP in Cologne, Germany and during his panel, he dropped an interesting tidbit about the Shazam! sequels concerning villain Black Adam and when fans can be expected to see him face Billy Batson.

When asked if Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam would be showing up in the Shazam! sequel, Zachary was quite blunt to say that he’ll be busy with his standalone film and they’ll eventually cross paths in third film or the Black Adam sequel.

LEVI: “No [laughs]. I can say that as far as I know, Black Adam won’t be in the second Shazam! because the idea is that is they want to go and do a standalone Black Adam movie first. And then, if we could do like a third Shazam! or a second Black Adam, that is where we would [crossover].”

“Cause he’s the ultimate badass for Captain Marvel/Shazam! The evil twin to who I am, so that has to be the final battle. If we do that in the second movie where do we go after that?”

A big thanks to Conmose on YouTube for posting the entire panel footage, which you can watch below.

That certainly gives David F. Sandberg the wiggle-room to tackle the direction the end of Shazam! sets up and also time for New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. to figure out Dwayne Johnson’s busy schedule to find the time to make the crossover work.

I don’t think fans understand how busy Johnson actually is and because of a recent production delay on Red Notice, Black Adam likely won’t even begin shooting until the summer or fall of next year (Dwayne had teased a March start on social media).

I actually really liked the first Shazam! and I do think throwing Black Adam directly into the second movie would be a little too similar to the first movie if I’m gonna be honest and audiences would benefit from seeing his solo movie before the two crossed over to give a little more depth and character development for Black Adam.


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