X-Force Movie Moving Forward After Disney-Fox Deal


Another day, another update and a little bit of background on the future of one of those many planned Fox-Marvel movies in the wake of Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

That film is X-Force, the planned culmination of the Deadpool franchise, a team-up movie supposedly set to feature Deadpool himself, along with Cable and Domino after their introduction in Deadpool 2 later this year, as well as other characters that are still a mystery as of now.

Early X-Force concept art

The film was set to be directed by Drew Goddard, who you might know best as the director of Cabin in the Woods, the academy award-nominee for writing the screenplay for The Martian, and the showrunner for the first season of Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series.

I say was, not because Goddard is now off the project, but because when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, all of the film rights they owned suddenly became bound to return home to Marvel. This threw the future of projects like the Logan spin-off, the planned New Mutants trilogy, and Deadpool into jeopardy.

But not so fast — believe it or not, according to multiple reports that we can vouch for, X-Force is still a go. The film, much like the Deadpool franchise, is planning on moving forward even under management by the House of Mouse.

This comes to us by way of our good friends over at DiscussingFilm and Omega Underground. Separate sources confirm to both outlets that the movie is going to be moving forward as planned, and Goddard is still attached to direct.

Drew Goddard, X-Force Director

In an article on the subject, Omega Underground points out that Goddard is currently set to reunite with The Cabin in the Woods star Chris Hemsworth in the film Bad Times at the El Royale. Goddard will be directing the film from January until April, and handling post-production on the film until Fall.

With that in mind, it’s unlikely production would begin until late this year at the earliest, and very possibly filming would be held off until early next year assuming things fall into place and actually do proceed as planned. This slates the film for release in late-2019 at the earliest, or possibly early-2020.

The project moving forward might come as a surprise to some fans. After Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, many expected the Fox-Marvel slate to change at least a little bit, and some fearing a complete wipe of all the planned projects so that Marvel could proceed with their own creative vision for the characters.

Well, Disney CEO Bob Iger put some of those fears to rest almost immediately after the deal was announced, saying that the Deadpool franchise would continue to be R-rated. He even went a step further, expressing interest in an entire R-Rated film line for certain Marvel characters.

Deadpool is expected to star in X-Force

Still, though, questions remained around movies like that Logan spin-off following Laura, the James Franco Multiple Man movie, Gambit, and yes, even X-Force.

Honestly, There’s a really good chance that X-Force was always going to be safe if Deadpool movies were going to continue at Disney.

As I said, it’s kind of a culmination of the Deadpool franchise as a whole, and we’re set to see the first roots of the team-up film in Deadpool 2 later this year with the introduction of Cable especially, but another potential team member in Domino.

While it’s good to hear that plans for the project remain in place, take the report with a grain of salt — to clarify I believe these reports are accurate 100%, but as far as people close to the project are concerned, as of right now the project is moving forward — that doesn’t mean things won’t change.

Marvel and Disney could decide to change directions on the project as part of a larger reboot of the X-Men as a whole, or could decide that, despite Bob Iger’s comments right after the deal was completed, R-rated films aren’t the direction they want to go.

There’s also a good chance that, much like Noah Hawley said of his Doctor Doom movie in comments made to Collider yesterday, those sources close to the project haven’t heard a final decision from Kevin Feige yet, and so they’re just assuming that the project is good to go until they hear something to the contrary.

Personally, I think that there was always a good chance that X-Force would be made under Disney. I mean, As opposed to future X-Men films beyond X-Men: Dark Phoenix or even maybe the New Mutants trilogy, these are characters that probably wouldn’t have interfered with Marvel’s plans to integrate the X-Men into the MCU, whenever that may happen.


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