There was a piece of concept art from The Predator that would have connected the film to the Weyland-Yuanti Corporation, referred to as the company in the Alien movies. It had Weyland branded Cyro-tube with a facehugger looking breather attached to a human’s face. Well, it looks like the identity of that human was “Ripley” and they actually planned on putting it in the film as they built a prop and cast Breanna Watkins, a stunt woman in the role. They had actually shot the scene but ultimately deleted it going with the digital Predator killer suit scene instead.

This might be one of the more bizarre aspects of Shane Black’s The Predator and leads to way more questions than answers. Mainly, because Alien takes place in the year of 2122, essentially a hundred years after the events of The Predator. I think it was smart to remove the scene entirely as it would be so confusing for fans.

Were they trying to introduce time-travel, retconning the Alien franchise to tie it into the Predator universe or simply recycling artwork/pre-production material from Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5?

The images and information originally come from Studio ADI’s Yuri Everson via his Instagram account (spotted by AVPGalaxy).


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