It’s been months since we’ve heard anything concerning the Rogue Trooper movie coming from writer-director Duncan Jones (Warcraft, Mute, Moon, Source Code), a film based on the popular 2000 AD comic book (the same publisher as Judge Dredd). Jones had revealed last July on social media that he would be directing a feature film based on the character and we really haven’t heard too much from him since.

Rogue, a blue-skinned supersoldier during a war on Nu-Earth between the Norts and Southers, a horrible sci-fi conflict that’s a nasty blend of the World Wars and the American Civil War. In the origins of the comic, Rogue and his allies are hunting the Traitor General, a dangerous Souther who massacred his entire regiment of supersoldiers.

Well, a couple of days ago on Twitter, Duncan has revealed a status update concerning the script and even mentioned what he’s sort of going for with Rogue Trooper. Stating that his vision for the movie is James Gunn’s Guardians of The Galaxy meets Gareth Evans’ The Raid.

At the very least it sounds like they’re going for a mature rating which would be completely understandable given the source material is similar to Judge Dredd in tone and would certainly deserve an R-rating. Funny thing, Alex Garland’s Dredd come out around the same time as The Raid and there were direct comparisons to the two movies at the time of their release.

A Rogue Trooper film has been in the works for quite some time as writers Grant Morrison and Gary Whitta had been previously tasked to write a screenplay for a feature adaptation, Jones confirms that he is taking over writing duties on the project.

It’s been expected for months that Rogue Trooper along with the series Judge Dredd: Mega-City One will end up filming at Rebellion’s (owns 2000 AD properties) brand new $100 million studio facility in Oxford, England, as they built it specifically for their television and film productions as they weren’t terribly interested in competing with other productions for studio space around the world.

Video-game company Rebellion, which is moving into film and TV, has bought a large former print works that will be converted into studio space for its highly anticipated Judge Dredd TV series, “Judge Dredd: Mega-City One,” and it’s Rogue Trooper film, directed by Duncan Jones (“Source Code”). Both projects feature characters from the legendary British comic book series “2000 AD,” which Rebellion bought, appropriately enough, in 2000.

When production is expected to begin remains to be seen for the moment.


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