Yesterday, it was reported by BuzzFeed that screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island, Avatar, Altered Carbon, Alita: Battle Angel) would be writing an Old Republic era Star Wars film that could potentially become a trilogy of its own, meaning it would be separate from the films/trilogies being developed by Benioff/Weiss (their first film is due to be released on December 16th, 2022) and Rian Johnson.

While the recent news from BuzzFeed mentions a “potential trilogy”, I’m kind of hoping that if Lucasfilm ends up tackling multiple films set during The Old Republic era, they allow themselves to bring things into the Star Wars universe some stuff that has been begging to come to the big screen. Mainly, The Sith Empire.

I’ve never really liked The Rule of Two and has sort of hindered the fantasy/Arthurian angle of the franchise and love or hate the Jedi/Sith stuff having that scaled back over the last couple of films means audiences haven’t been oversaturated with it. Some haven’t even seen the grander aspects from the expanded universe as The Sith Empire has never been used in the movies.

The Sith Empire is sort of a direct mirror to The Jedi Order and would directly lead to massive Jedi and Sith wars/battles, something I think fans have been hoping to see for ages now. Design-wise my personal favorite group of unused Sith is from The New Sith Order from the Dark Horse Comics run of Legacy era comics. They included A’Sharad Hett aka Darth Krayt (a male Tusken Raider),  Darth Maladi (a female Devaronian), Darth Nihl (a male Nagai), Darth Talon (a female Twi’lek), Darth Stryfe, Darth Wyyrlok (a male Chagrian), and many others.

I’m not terribly attached to the characters, I think I’m more interested in their character designs if anything else and would be completely open to Lucasfilm tinkering with them to be what they needed to be to serve the films. Seeing The Sith Empire mashed together with The New Sith Order would be the best situation, as like I said, I’m not a big fan of The Rule of Two and I feel like it limits some of the fantasy of the franchise.

I would also love to see these Old Republic films to reimagine The Old Sith Wars that consisted of various conflicts including The Great Sith War, The Mandalorian Wars, The Jed Civil War, The Dark Wars, and The Sith Civil War.

In the films, we’ve seen some impressive skirmishes but the only full-scale wars were in the prequels which weren’t terribly interesting given the overuse of CGI along with the fact it was two disposable armies fighting each other with clones versus droids. If you have a massive war with an army stacked with Jedi Knights against battalions of Sith across multiple planets, that could give the audience a real investment in the outcome of these battles given that actual lives are being sacrificed (fantasy or not there are stronger stakes involved), not unlike the battles in Peter Jackson’s Lord of The Rings trilogy or even more recently the many clashes in Game of Thrones.

Anyways, I’m very excited currently about the future of Star Wars and can’t wait to hear more from Kathleen Kennedy what the actual plan is moving forward beyond the Skywalker Saga that will end with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker this December.

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