Filming has officially wrapped for the final season of the HBO hit series, Game of Thrones. However, HBO appears to be just getting started on telling Westerosi stories. The studio currently has deals for four prequels and spin-offs, with the first on schedule to debut approximately a year after the spring 2019 airing of GOT final season.

The first prequel will supposedly take place 300 years prior to GOT, and cover the events of the first Long Night. As the show has covered so far, The Long Night was when the White Walkers were first created by the Children of the Forest, in an attempt to win their own war against the First Men. However, the Walkers could not be controlled and came to conquer Westeros. What we know from the original show and books is that the First Men and The Children of the Forest came together to fight against the undead, and they were eventually defeated by the mythical hero, The Prince Who Was Promised, named Azor Ahai. Bran the Builder, of House Stark, then built The Wall to protect Westeros from any harm creatures beyond it might bring. The Long Night series is also rumored to be ahead of schedule, with pilot production possibly beginning in October.

In addition, HBO is rumored to have a second deal in place, for a spin-off focusing on the rise and fall of Old Valyria, along with the original Targaryen dynasty there and their escape. This prequel would likely include dragons, a fan favorite in the current series. The show apparently already has a working title, Empire of Ash. While there is no timetable yet for the Targaryen prequel, it is unexpected that the two productions won’t overlap at some point.

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Fans can expect familiar names in the story, but fresh faces when it comes to casting. Current Game of Thrones stars Emilia Clarke and Kit Harrington both confirmed that they won’t be involved with any spin-offs for the time being, and shared the opinion that a new cast would be beneficial.

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