With the Sonic the Hedgehog movie set to release on November 8th, 2019, it’s likely a film that can launch a Sonic-SEGA cinematic universe. Due to this, the Sonic movie has the duty of not only being a solid film for newcomers and fans but also a launching pad for potential sequels and spin-offs. In the past, movies such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 or The Mummy have struggled with wearing “multiple hats” however Sonic could go a simpler route. This route could be simply focusing on a plot that simultaneously builds towards a sequel in a natural way.

Currently the plot for the Sonic movie in unknown, with only an ambiguous plot summary being shared online. It states, “Small-town sheriff Tom Wachowski journeys to San Francisco to assist Sonic, an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who can run at incredible speeds, in his battle against Dr. Robotnik.”

This could potentially be vague as the producers know fans will pick apart potential plot threads early if not released in a controlled marketing plan. This includes secret characters such as Knuckles or Tails appearing in any capacity. A character that would make a nice addition to a Sonic cinematic universe instead of Tails or Knuckles would be Shadow.

Created to be the “perfect lifeform,” Shadow was created by the grandfather of Dr. Eggman, played in the movie by Jim Carrey, named Dr. Gerald Robotnik. Shadow was the byproduct scientific studies done under the secret government called Project Shadow. The hope for this project was to produce a method for immortality along with a cure for neuro-immune deficiency syndrome which is fatal.

After researching the Chaos Emeralds and creating deals with the alien race called Black Arms, Shadow was eventually created. This type of plot with a secret government agency/program operating behind-the-scenes wouldn’t be new to the genre.

Cinematic universes such as Transformers and MonsterVerse used it with Sector 7 and Monarch respectively. However, it’s likely Shadow would be a character hinted at during the film and not shown until a potential post-credits scene. It’ll be interesting to see what role Shadow will play, as they can adapt his alien-based origins or simply make him a clone of Sonic.

If they go the clone route, I think it would be a cheap way of introducing the character. It would be interesting if maybe characters such as Sonic or Knuckles were previous attempts at making the “ultimate life form” that is Shadow. This way it would explain why these characters are unique compared to the human characters in the film. The only fear I would have is if the movie doesn’t perform well critically SEGA may treat this treatment the same way Toho treated the original American Godzilla. What do you think of Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in the upcoming Sonic movie? Leave your comments down below!

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It’s been confirmed that no other anthromorphic characters other than sonic will appear in the movie, what makes you think shadow could possibly appear, and even if he did appear it wouldn’t fit with the plot at all.


I think it would have been great to see him in a post credits scene, along with maybe knuckles or tails arriving near the end of the film. However, this movie’s production has been plagued by bad press and quite frankly, really REALLY STUPID creative decisions by the team behind this (but it’s Paramount, and they’re basically the Internet Explorer of movie studios), so I don’t have high hopes for an appearance. Maybe this movie does well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel in which he could appear, but again I just have to wonder at the… Read more »

Marlon Orellana jr
Marlon Orellana jr

That would be so fire

تجهیزات کافی شاپ

not looklike animation sonic!

Michael Smith

Wow!! The most awaited film for me. As a child, always liked this cartoon and would love to see as a movie.


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The first thing – I heard that the movie is planed to be a prequel to what we associate with Sonic, so – sorry, amigo – you cannot count on any of his friends.

Do i wish to see Shadow (whom I love more than I should) in that movie… Well, seeing the sloppy projection of the main character, the banality of intrigue and the lack of fan-love – the answer is unambiguous… And yet… I would like to want to see him there so much -.-

The second thing – a beautiful battle animation ^^