It’s no secret that Hasbro is trying to get a piece of the Marvel pie by attempting their own Cinematic Universe using their properties including Transformers, G.I. Joe, and even the recently purchased Power Rangers. But with the Transformers franchise losing steam over time, with The Last Knight being the lowest grossing to the point that they cancelled Transformers 6, is now the right time to start  it? And will the prequel film Bumblebee tie-into this universe?

Well according to a recent theory, the answer to both of those question may be yes, and the key to this may be John Cena. Cena’s character has been pretty enigmatic so far, with very little being known about him right now. But it’s assured that John Cena wants to have his big franchise like other wrestler turned actors Dwayne Johnson and Dave Bautista had with Fast and the Furious and Guardians of the Galaxy respectively. So, is he trying to get that with Bumblebee?

What we know about his character so far is that he’s named Agent Burns and he works for the agency, Sector Seven. This may give us a clue to how his character ties into the larger universe. For that, we need to look towards another Hasbro franchise that was big in the 80s M.A.S.K., or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand, which has a film confirmed with Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray behind it. M.A.S.K. is a series about people from all walks of life being recruited by a billionaire to use specialized helmets and vehicles to fight the evil forces of V.E.N.O.M. One of the members of M.A.S.K. is named Calhoun Burns an Architect who uses shrinking tech.

They can either have John Cena be Calhoun Burns, which would mean that M.A.S.K. might take place in the 80s when Bumblebee takes place or being related to him and have the modern-day Calhoun Burns also be played by Cena. Sector Seven could be where the tech comes from that creates the team for that tie-in.

But if Bumblebee is a prequel to the Bay films, how will this work in universe? Well part of the theory is that Bumblebee won’t be a straight prequel, but instead acts as a launching point for the new Transformers franchise. It would make the redesigns make even more sense if that’s the case.

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