As previously established in Kong: Skull Island, the titular Skull Island is the host to a variety of seemingly lesser Kaiju species all now under the watchful rule of Kong; and as we have seen throughout the franchise the Kaiju have made their presence on the planet well known. With this in consideration, one has to wonder if Skull Island will take on a more “familiar” title after Godzilla vs Kong. Will we see Skull Island evolve into the more familiar Monster Island?

At the end of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla re-established himself as the Titan Alpha. This resulted in many of the other Titans globally not only converging to acknowledge Godzilla but also head to Skull island, according to the post-credit teases. The island was developing what was described as seismic instability as a result of the mass migration. Monarch was also keeping a close watch on the island, which is understandable given a swarm Titans heading to the same place at the same time, along with conducting mysterious experiments.

Monster Island has appeared in various capacities throughout the franchise as a dream, a containment area, or just an inhabited area for monsters. Heck, even Zilla Jr. had his own version in Godzilla: The Series during the ‘Monster Wars’ arc. With a mass migration of the Titans moving to Skull Island at the same time, we’ll get to see where this leaves the island. Especially after the events of Godzilla vs Kong, it may not be able to contain the sheer volume of all these prehistoric beasts. Keeping that in mind, I have a couple theories about where Legendary could evolve one island into the other.

Monarch is already monitoring the island, and with the technology of the O.R.C.A. could actually use that as a way to create their own call to draw the monsters to the island as a monitoring hub. The problem are the ethical considerations, given the fact that we are to assume humans still live there, worshiping Kong to this day. There are also the Titans already working to heal the ecosystem, which could potentially have a negative side effect and undo any progress made by manipulating them all to a singular location.

The next one would be that in the film or later in the franchise we get factions of monsters. It appears that the species for Godzilla and Kong have had a long-term rivalry that goes back a few millennia. So could Godzilla be making a move on Kong as an alpha to claim a new territory? Could we potentially get a turf war scenario where the monsters have to actually pick a side? As much as most of the other Titans revere Godzilla as the Alpha, Kong is one who certainly ignored the call and decided to mind his business on his island. More than likely he isn’t the only one, so it may stand to reason that Skull Island becomes a battle ground. Monsters siding with Kong or Godzilla, then when the two meet it becomes a war and we get to see two factions battle for dominance.

I am doubtful of this playing out, only because of the effects and it could be difficult story to explain since it’d essentially be “MonsterVerse: Civil War.” Still, inter-species rivalries aren’t uncommon in the animal kingdom. It could stand to reason that the future Monster Island is just coincidentally well-sized and an open area for Titans to throw hands, paws, claws, and whatever other appendages they have.

But what do you think? Do you think Skull Island will evolve into a new home for monsters after Godzilla vs Kong? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below. Also don’t forget to like, comment, share, and continue following for more MonsterVerse content.

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Jeffry Hill

Godzilla should win a y battle between him and Kong. In the original at the end of tha battle they roll I to the ocean and after a minute or so Kong arises and swims back to Kong island. Consider Godzilla natural habitat is the ocean the only thing we can assume is Godzilla did in fact beat Kong and Kong ran for his life back to skull island. It can play out however they want but if Kong comes out on top of a battle between the two it will ruin what I feel has been a great telling… Read more »