How The Loki Disney+ Series May Introduce Kang The Conqueror

Loki TV Series: What We Know 

Starring the alternate timeline version of Loki with experiences until the events of Marvel’s Avengers (2012), we’re essentially starting fresh with the God of Mischief. In some ways it’s unfortunate as most of the character’s development occurred between Thor: The Dark World and Avengers: Infinity War, exemplified by how his sacrificial moments differed between the two films. We also know Lady Loki and potentially a version of The Enchantress will appear as well.

Certain reports have thrown around the possibility that The Enchantress and Lady Loki will be a single character within this show, which would be an interesting direction for The Enchantress. However, the biggest trigger for the series is believed to be Loki’s usage of the Space Stone aka The Tesseract. It appears that Loki’s possession of the Space Stone, and resulting activities, will attract the Time Variance Authority based on set photos and scooper reports. 

Time Variance Authority: Who Are They & How They Fit 

Initially teased when a leaked image of Loki showed him wearing a jacket with TVA on it, the Time Variance Authority (TVA) was a surprising inclusion to the upcoming Disney+ series. Throughout Marvel Comics, the TVA is an organization governing realities throughout the multiverse. Their primary focus is minimizing temporal interference across their areas of space-time. This provides some context to their inclusion, as Loki, using the Space Stone and being an alternate timeline counterpart himself, is creating temporal errors across the multiverse.

The Space Stone is likely the biggest attractant for the TVA, as the unnatural distortions it can make across space-time could be on a universal scale with an undisciplined user. This could explain why a previously unknown entity such as the TVA would become involved. At the same time, usage of the Space Stone by a singular individual like Loki, could also attract other players in the game for cosmic dominance. Such a being could be the heavily rumored Kang the Conqueror. 

Kang: How He Can Fit 

Throughout various storylines featuring the TVA, it’s become noted that they are in constant odds with Kang’s Dynasty. Kang, being the historian he is, likely understands that the Space Stone is the only Infinity Stone from The Avengers’ “endgame mission” that went unaccounted for. In this sense, you can weave into the story that Kang, through him personally appearing or having henchmen appear, has been tracking the Space Stone across history.

While the true motives would be speculation, it’s likely related to expanding his Dynasty beyond the limits of a singular universe. If introduce alternate versions of the character through the multiverse, the MCU can use this opportunity for Iron Lad. This could neatly blend into the rumored Young Avengers initiative in development. However, it’s unlikely Kang would show up so soon in person, as Marvel would likely “build his legend” first like they did with Thanos and the Infinity Stones.  

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