In recent trailers and TV Spots, we’ve been teased about a battle ranging between Rodan and King Ghidorah. This is an unexpected battle to many fans considering it has always been assumed they would be allies against Godzilla and Mothra. It’s also an interesting way of showing both how strong this incarnation of Rodan is while showing the power of Ghidorah. This will likely be shown as Ghidorah dispatches Rodan rather quickly, which is expected from such as powerful antagonist to Godzilla.

It’s going to be a beautiful moment on the big screen to see the two Titans battle in the skies, yet why are they fighting? It’s possible that Rodan is awoken to fight Ghidorah, which would explain the odd events surrounding him emerging from the volcano. This theory comes from the odd amounts of military personnel already surrounding Rodan when he wakes up. Along with the explosion, it seems staged and prepared, as if his awakening is premeditated by a third party. Likely this third-party would-be Monarch, or the rumored eco-terrorists within Monarch trying to free Titans around the world.

Monarch used their equipment to free and awaken Ghidorah so it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume they would attempt to awaken another Titan. A question would be why Monarch or another group would want Rodan to wake up. Based on the marketing material we’ve seen, it’s likely they incorrectly believed that Rodan would attack and defeat Ghidorah. After their fight, Rodan will probably become submissive correlating with what fans had predicted earlier regarding which sides the Titans are on.

Regardless of the reason, the battle will likely be one of the first fights we see with Ghidorah. It will be interesting to see how Ghidorah fights another creature in the skies vs fighting Godzilla on land. With Mothra shown engaging in battle, it’ll also be worth watching a Rodan vs Mothra or Mothra vs Ghidorah sequence on the big screen. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, why do you think Rodan is fighting Ghidorah?

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I think Rodan saw Ghidorha and saw a threat so he tried to get rid of the threat