After the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, the fate of the MonsterVerse was uncertain for the first time in years. This was largely due to the reception of Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island being positive. However, whether it was a lack of interest from the general audience or another factor the latest installment didn’t attract the same positivity. This puts a lot of pressure onto Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. as they enter post-production with Godzilla VS Kong, set to be the final film in the MonsterVerse until Toho decides on their future with Legendary. Regardless of Toho’s decision, I think it would be best for the MonsterVerse to go back in time for future installments.

The Modern Narrative Is Complete

Every great story has a beginning, middle, and end. Certain parts are more drawn out than others but that’s the basic storytelling structure for any narrative. With the MonsterVerse, the narrative in the modern setting has been the return of the Titans and humanity’s response, with the focus being Godzilla and Kong. Following how people in modern society react to the discovery of real monsters is interesting, however, it appears that the plot will hit its peak once Godzilla VS Kong is released. This is due to the “human conspiracy” which many believe to either be Mechagodzilla or an advanced anti-Titan weapon. This development between humanity and the Titans can’t continue beyond a moment where the ultimate anti-Titan weapon is created and used on Godzilla and/or Kong.

The reason is that either humanity uses the weapons to kill the Titans or they refuse to use the weapons since they realize the Titans aren’t a real threat. With either the destruction or acceptance of the Titans, there isn’t much else to explore besides a derivative of the same story. This is a problem The Transformers and Fast & Furious franchises faced, resulting in one franchise becoming extremely convoluted and the other becoming a parody of itself. This is why I think the MonsterVerse should instead focus its attention to exploring the world it has teased prior to the Titans hibernating. A world confirmed to have regular interactions between Titans and humanity which may or may not have included Atlantis.

Explore Atlantis The Underwater Kingdom 

When Godzilla needed to heal during Godzilla: King of the Monsters, he rested in a temple built in his honor. As discovered by modern Monarch scientists, this underwater kingdom was created by humans with reverence towards the Titans. The architecture and art shown were similar to Egyptian, Greek, and Roman styles which made audience members debate if this was Atlantis. This would add new layers to the history of the MonsterVerse, as we’ve already seen Titans such as Mothra have a history with human characters (Mothra’s priestesses). A similar relationship has also been shown between Kong and the natives of Skull Island. In general, most Titans were worshipped by neighboring cultures which provides potential stories for each Titan and that respective cultures.

It would also be interesting to witness a civilization without current technologies which operated in balance with various Titans. A setting featuring cohabitation of Titans and humanity along with mutual respect between Godzilla and humanity would be an interesting contrast to the current setting of MonsterVerse. A potential story could be Ghidorah, based upon his weather distortion abilities and alpha call, created chaos amongst the Titans and during that chaos, Atlantis gets sunken underwater. Since Gamera appeared in very early concept art too, it would interesting to see that character appear as Gamera is a creation of Atlantis. Overall, exploring this setting would be a refreshing and satisfying next step for the MonsterVerse.

Godzilla, Kong, & The Titans In Their Primes

Regardless of an underwater city, it would be nice to see many Titans during their primes. For example, before the MUTOs killed Godzilla’s species off the landscape of MonsterVerse was likely a different place. Similar statements could be made for Kong and the genocide of his species by the Skull Crawlers. It would be enjoyable to see how the Titans operated before the environment around them changed. Due to the gamble of this specific type of direction for the MonsterVerse, maybe an anthology-type series on a service such as Netflix or WarnerMedia would be best. Otherwise, there would be extreme pressure on a CGI heavy film to make a profit and Toho may lose interest.

Another interesting approach would be the audience witnessing “untold” stories of Godzilla’s activity over the centuries. This, like the previously mentioned idea, could be an anthology series with a different setting each episode or season. The possibilities are truly endless with creativity and a vision for long-term success.

Do you want to see Godzilla and the MonsterVerse continue after Godzilla VS Kong? Let us know your thoughts for the future of the MonsterVerse in the comments!

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