Recently, with news of an official Black Adam release date and the social media hype for Justice League: Snydercut, fans are yet again asking for a sequel to the film that started it all…Man of Steel. Starring Henry Cavill, this film was intended to launch a new franchise for Superman on the big screen, a new film canon with certain stylistic inspirations from Nolan’s The Dark Knight franchise. Instead, what was supposed to be a Man of Steel 2 became Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and since then we’ve heard no updates on the anticipated sequel. At least that was until graphic artist/designer Boss Logic posted artwork teasing Man of Steel 2 featuring Brainiac as the villain.  

Boss Logic Teaser + Recent Scoop History 

Many people may brush off the Twitter tweet or Instagram post as nothing more than speculation from Boss Logic but recently he’s been on a roll with scoops. For the MCU Boss Logic revealed, which was later confirmed, that Ryan Coogler wanted Kraven the Hunter for the Black Panther franchise. Boss Logic was also an early reporter for Robert Pattinson being cast as Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

In fact, he tweeted about Pattinson on February 3rd, 2019 while the first official casting report was revealed in late May 2019. That’s a solid 3 months. For what it’s worth, Henry Cavill liked the post on Instagram and when questioned about it, Boss Logic doubled down on the likely return of Cavill as Superman. 

Who Could Direct Man of Steel 2? 

Out of various interested directors, the one heavily rumored to direct a Man of Steel 2 is J.J. Abrams. Previously, J.J. Abrams was attached to a project called Superman: Flyby which was set to reintroduce Superman to movie audiences before Warner Bros. Instead turned to Superman Returns. A fun fact from this production is that Henry Cavill did a screen test for the role of Superman, making it not a far-fetched idea that J.J. Abrams would support Cavill being his Superman for a new film.  

J.J. Abrams also signed a massive deal with WarnerMedia officially tying him to WB until 2024. Rolling Stone asked J.J. about his interest in directing a new Superman movie to which he responded, “We haven’t had those discussions yet.” While his truthfulness is debatable as certain conversations are confidential, there’s a lot of smoke between him and a new Superman film…and where there’s a lot of smoke usually there’s a fire. 

Potential Storyline 

As mentioned earlier and teased by the social media post from Boss Logic, Brainiac appears to be the likely antagonist for Superman in a Man of Steel 2. For a popular villain with various ties to Superman’s backstory and Krypton, he hasn’t been seen on the big screen yet. This gives any director great creative control over their adaptation along with Brainiac possessing multiple incarnations with their own unique origins. A Brainiac storyline provides a conduit for exploring more of Kal-El’s alien origin and culture which was laid out well by Snyder in Man of Steel.  

It could also be a nice introduction to Supergirl who has had certain superhero origins tied to Brainiac’s arrival on Earth. The possibilities are really endless, for me personally I’d be most interested in Brainiac presenting the lost city of Kandor which can help Kal-El make a decision opposite of his father. While Jor-El determined that all past Kryptonians should be doomed for their decisions, Kal-El may decide that the Kryptonian race isn’t beyond redemption.  

What do you think of a Man of Steel sequel directed by J.J. Abrams? Leave your comments down below and feel free to follow me at @JBaldera27 on Twitter!

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Pitch/Idea for MOS 2 –[Enter Apokolips] Opening: Voice of Darkside: “Surrender superman, or to face annihilation!” Entering the apokoliptians and the alien machine through multiple boom tubes in the sky of Metropolis. Cut to: the horrible battle between the human armies and the alien armies. A tank explodes right before our eyes and Cyborg plummets down from the sky after being hit by an omega ray. Flash sprints and catches him safely. Wonderwoman joins in, shielding them from the laser beams and retreats to a shelter. Flash asks anxiously “where is superman?” Cut to: 2 months ago The story begins… Read more »


I hope a Man of Steel 2 Film will be Happen!! Pray god, Henry is the one and only Superman in this century!


Give me JJ Abrams and Henry Cavill in 3 more Man of Steel movies.


Henry Cavill is the best and most handsome Superman ever…