With the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths event taking place on The CW, the status quo for DC television is expected to change. Productions like Black Lightning and Supergirl are expected to combine universes with Arrow, The Flash, and Batwoman. Other characters, not connected to those shows, which are appearing include “Kingdom Come” Superman portrayed by Brandon Routh and an older Bruce Wayne portrayed by Kevin Conroy. Recent reports also indicate that the Supergirl version of Superman and Lois Lane will have a tv show in development.

If that produces success, it may put pressure on The CW to develop new shows to replace Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, as they are the expected shows to conclude next after Arrow. The DC Universe series Titans has also featured a version of Bruce Wayne aka Batman played by Iain Glen. This recent flexibility with Batman appearing in other media could be a sign that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. will be more open to the character receiving a new tv adaptation…with a slight twist Depending on the reception of Kevin Conroy’s live-action debut as an older Bruce Wayne, The CW could easily explore the potential for a new series starring him in a Batman Beyond show.   

Connects With Previous CW Shows 

One reason a Batman Beyond series works very well on the surface level is the connectivity it can have with pre-established CW DCTV series. For starters, Batwoman is already establishing the mythology of Batman related characters for Arrowverse. Arrow: Season 8 has also teased Batman, such as including the cowl in the premiere episode. The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow can also connect to a Batman Beyond series, as both shows have dealt with time travel. Assuming Kevin Conroy’s Bruce Wayne doesn’t die during Crisis on Infinite Earths, he could reappear in a cameo episode of either series. Similar to how Arrow introduced Barry Allen as a backdoor pilot for The Flash, Terry McGinnis could be introduced in a similar fashion.

The added time travel element also means we can visit the character again for crossovers whether it’s during Legends of Tomorrow or The Flash. This provides a Batman Beyond adaptation proper space to explore its setting and characters without constant references to other characters being necessary. However, due to Batwoman still gaining its feet within The CW’s lineup, a Batman Beyond show may not premiere for a few years, similar to how Supergirl wouldn’t feature Superman early on to prevent overshadowing the character of Supergirl.  


Young Adult Setting 


The CW has a target demographic primarily consisting of young adults. This has been the case for decades evem before the channel was rebranded from The WB. This usually results in many productions containing stereotypical teen-drama beats such as romantic love triangles for lead characters or subplots akin to a soap opera. While this does become tiring with older characters, especially if it takes attention away from serious plot lines, it fits best with a high school or college setting. While the initial Batman Beyond animated series focused on Terry McGinnis in high school, it would be cool to see The CW’s take on the story feature Terry in college. This would provide the series the opportunity to differentiate itself from the previous Batman Beyond animated series immediately.

Potentially after we meet the Kevin Conroy Bruce Wayne during Crisis on Infinite Earths, we can receive a follow-up episode on The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, or Supergirl showing a high school Terry McGinnis training under Bruce. Then the proposed Batman Beyond series can pick up a few years down the road to show a more seasoned young adult Terry. This way the show can contain romantic love triangles, substance abuse, and other issues within The CW’s demographic with a mature approach. In fact, this would be great for The CW’s usual patterns as you can introduce or reference plot points, characters, events, etc. that happens pre-series while Terry was just starting out as Batman (ex-girlfriend or best friend from high school that’s now a supervillain sounds like a season 1 must have).


Batman Brand Value 

Just like the Superman & Lois Lane tv show in development, a Batman Beyond tv show could work well to lead the next phase of The CW. Batman Beyond is already a popular franchise with a cult-like following. With proper marketing and social media awareness, along with Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Bruce Wayne, a Batman Beyond series would be a major hit. The only real roadblock would be terrible casting and/or writing. Witnessing “future versions” of Batman villains such as The Joker, Mister Freeze, Killer Croc, etc. would be great to see and easy to do with a villain-of-the-week format. Writers could take creative liberties with original villains or legacy villains they normally couldn’t since this isn’t Bruce Wayne Batman. Batman, in general, has one of the greatest rouge’s galleries in pop culture so an entire season would be attractive to viewers as well.

WB/DC wouldn’t need to worry about fan confusion since Terry McGinnis, both visually and personality-wise, is different than Bruce Wayne’s Batman. There should be no way viewers get confused…especially if Robert Pattinson wears a blue and grey variation of the Batsuit. Matt Reeves’ The Batman is also expected to last a whole trilogy which can encompass a 6-9 year range if movies release every 2-3 years. In my opinion, it’s a no-brainer win-win for fans and The CW.

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