With the announcement that Robert Pattinson will be playing Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Matt Reeves’ trilogy, many fans are expecting reports to reveal supporting characters next. Based upon previous rumors, Catwoman and the Penguin will be featured villains alongside some other unknown villains. The approach Reeves is taking, with the ‘The Batman,’ has been described as him embracing the detective elements of Batman’s character. This paves the way for a Batman film that focuses more on the characters and less on explosive fight scenes or plot lines such as No Man’s Land which can easily become distracting for the viewer.

Films directed by Matt Reeves’ recently such as ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ highlights why a more intimate approach will deliver a better film. As a series, ‘Planet of the Apes’ could easily become just another blockbuster ever-expanding with spin-offs and sequels similar to Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers’ franchise. Matt Reeves kept ‘Planet of the Apes’ focused on the characters while orchestrating a story that always felt personal between the lead characters. This is what I hope he can bring to ‘The Batman’ as they reboot his character on film yet again.

With the Penguin or even Catwoman, something in me just says they won’t be the main villains. On paper, many fans have grown concerned it’ll become a repeat of Tim Burton’s ‘Batman Returns.’ While this is unlikely, it will be interesting to see what roles Matt Reeves has in mind for both the Penguin and Catwoman considering how both characters have been known to be included for many months. It’s possible that both characters are being outlined by Reeves to have a presence throughout his entire trilogy. Because of this, I wonder if Penguin will be the main villain or instead a supporting character assisting Batman in some way.

This could be adapting a version of Penguin that’s still active in the criminal underground but instead of committing crimes himself he has others do the dirty work. When portrayed in this fashion, it’s common that Penguin is also operating out of the Iceberg Lounge. In the comics, the Iceberg Lounge was a sign of Penguin leaving a life of crime, although he would still conduct illegal business behind-the-scenes. This would be an interesting way of using Penguin throughout a film trilogy as his character makes sense as an informant to Batman, telling him about the “word on the street.” This way the character can still be utilized in the film yet not be the villain Batman is fighting against.

Having an informant would fit a noir-style Batman film as many detectives need their “sources” during an investigation. For a villain fitting the detective plotline theme it would be interesting to see Hush, Clayface, or Riddler. All of these characters have the capabilities to compliment a detective story very well, especially with a character such as Hush which would allow a focus on not just Batman but exploring Bruce Wayne’s character as well. Leave your thoughts down below, who would you like to see be the villain of Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman?’

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