Atlus released Persona 5, a JRPG that received many accolades including The Game Award for Best Role-Playing Game back in April 2017. Fast forward two years, and we have the arrival of Persona 5 The Royal. Atlus teased the game in late 2019 and officially announced the game at the end of April of this year, which will release in Japan Oct. 31 of this year and North America in early 2020.

 Persona 5 The Royal is not a release, nor a repackaged version filled with DLC but will be an expanded and remixed version of the original. Persona 5 The Royal will contain several new changes compared to the original. Here is a list of content we hope to see in the upcoming game.

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Persona 5, Persona 4 and Persona 4 Golden.

New Female Character

Back in late March 2019, Atlus dropped a teaser trailer that contained an unknown female character who declared she does not like that the Phantom Thieves, nor does she think their methods genuinely help people. At this point, everyone theorized that Persona 5 The Royal would be a sequel where the player would get to play as this new character as she opposed The Phantom Thieves.

A month later, when Atlus releases their official announcement trailer, we learn that neither of those assumptions is correct. We learn that our mystery lady is a new transfer student by the name, Kasumi Yoshizawa. Kasumi transfers to Shujin during the same time as Joker and soon becomes obsessed with him. Little does Kasumi know is that the person whom she is obsessed with is the leader of the group she despises. Later on, in the trailer, we learn that Kasumi eventually becomes a member of The Phantom Thieves. However, we are excited to find out whether her allegiance is pure or ill-willed, just like a certain Charismatic Detective.

More Story

What would be better than a game that takes anywhere from 80-100 hours to complete? A game that takes 200 hours to complete! The original Persona 5 takes the player day to day covering nine full months of the year, with the final moments jumping around the remaining three months. According to a trailer Atlus released at the beginning of May, we see The Phantom Thieves dressed up for a festival that takes place in January.

This would mean that the events of the original story will be altered to where the protagonist, Joker, does not go jail after Christmas. Persona 4 Golden did something similar to this by adding three extra months to the story, filled with added content. If what we see in the trailer is anything to go off of, we can expect many more precious moments with Joker and company.

New Activities and Confidants

Who wants to spend countless hours fighting Shadows in Palaces when you can play pool and darts with your friends? Throughout the announcement trailer for Persona 5 The Royal, Joker is seen interacting with his fellow teammates at new locations. One moment in the video reveals the addition of an aquarium where we can see Joker and Yusuke hanging out. Another moment shows Joker entering a darts and billiards bar called the Penguin Sniper. Inside the Penguin Sniper, Joker is seen playing pool and darts with the entire team. With each section of the game is set on a deadline basis, we hope that group activities such as these will allow the leveling up of multiple confidants at the same time.

Speaking of Confidants, according to Polygon, will be a brand-new confidant added to Persona 5 The Royal. Takuto Maruki will be added to the core story as a school counselor who arrives at Shujin Academy after the events of Shiho’s suicide attempt. Takuto’s arrival will no doubt have a profound impact on the characters – especially to Shiho’s best friend, Ann Takamaki.

We Never Saw It Coming

It is no surprise to see a non-human mascot character central to the story of a Persona game. In Persona 3, there was Aigis, the android; in Persona 4, there was Teddy, the bear; and in Persona 5, we have Morgana, the cat. What is exciting about Persona 5 The Royal is not the inclusion of a mascot character, but its form.

Morgana spends much of original game searching for his “true form” because he swears up and down that he is not a cat. Alas, he never finds that true form and remains a sassy feline for the entirety of the game. However, there screenshots circulating online, and one of them shows Joker in his room with a mysterious young man with vibrant blue eyes and black hair. Many fans are speculating that this mystery man is none other than the human form of Morgana. Since this development was never explored in the original game, we are all quite excited to find out if our hunches are correct.





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