As we get closer to the release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, pieces of merchandise are revealed hinting at characters or plot details. Recently, a toy seems to have leaked or been revealed a bit too early showing Godzilla in a new form. This form, similar in appearance to “Burning Godzilla,” is called “Fire Godzilla” by Jakks figures.

This is an interesting change considering how Burning Godzilla is already a well-known power-up for the King of Monsters. Another reason this difference of naming could be interesting to the MonsterVerse is that it could be hinting at Burning Godzilla in the future.

Based on descriptions, the Fire Godzilla form will be a byproduct of Mothra’s energies transferring to Godzilla. This energy boost will seemingly be stacked on top of another energy boost Godzilla is rumored to receive, which is why he has that moment in the trailer of glowing blue with the powerful atomic breath shooting into the sky.

While many people will see this as a simple name change to the same transformation, this difference in origin actually further cements the two forms being similar yet unequal. Burning Godzilla is the byproduct of Godzilla absorbing too much radiation for his body to properly metabolize. Because of this, his natural equilibrium with regards to pseudo-nuclear fission isn’t achieved.

This can result in Godzilla exploding along with various negative consequences to the environment around him depending on how much energy is released. The reason this can be so detrimental to the world is the nuclear bomb-style release of radiation from such an explosion.

Everything we know so far about Fire Godzilla so far has no indication he will or would explode if left unchecked. This new form is simply described by those who have either seen the movie early or received tips as a power-up to help defeat Ghidorah. Godzilla is said to potentially have some new abilities to coincide with the new form but nothing with regards to combustion that could result in him exploding.

If these forms are different, it could be used as a bridge to introduce a more accurate Burning Godzilla form in the future. This is because you could argue the involvement of Mothra makes this a more natural form for Godzilla’s species to achieve. Potentially, if attempted through synthetic methods of giving Godzilla energy, it could result in the Burning Form as an indication of non-natural means of trying to boost Godzilla’s power.

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