During the ending of IT (2017), the Losers’ Club conquers their fear of Pennywise which allows them to defeat the evil being. Not having a lot of options, Pennywise retreats down a well where he disappeared from the Losers’ Club for 27 years. After this, the various members of the Losers’ Club go their separate ways, with many of them forgetting the events that happened in Derry. In this editorial, we explore what happened to the various members of the Losers’ Club between the events of IT and IT: Chapter 2.

Next Adventures For The Losers’ Club 

After the Losers’ Club make their blood pact to reunite if Pennywise returns, they eventually drift apart. Bill, the older brother of Georgie, becomes a novelist with an affinity for horror novels. In between IT and IT: Chapter 2 he writes five novels. He also moves to England and marries an actress named Audra Phillips, who’s described as looking similar to Beverly Marsh.

Regarding Beverly, she leaves Maine to travel the world as a fashion designer. Unfortunately, she gets trapped in a relationship which exhibits controlling and abusive behavior. During her time away, her father dies resulting in her old home becoming abandoned and boarded up without her knowledge.

Richie, after leaving Derry, starts a career as an entertainer with a focus on music and acting. Living in California, his DJ name is Rich “Records” Tozier. Eddie becomes an entrepreneur with a limousine company in New York City. While successful with his company, he has an unhappy marriage.

Stan becomes an accountant and lives in New York before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. He marries a woman named Patricia and has a seemingly happy life until he’s asked to return to Derry. Unable to face Pennywise again, Stan commits suicide. Ben focuses on his health and becomes a model, along with a mild alcohol problem.

Mike, unlike the others, didn’t leave Derry. This allowed him to maintain all memories of Pennywise and the summer of 1989. He becomes a historian and librarian, studying in preparation of Pennywise’s return. This includes saving clippings and images relating to either Derry’s mysterious history or Pennywise.

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