After an action packed episode last Sunday, the HBO hit drama Westworld is set of for one hell of a second season finale. A recurring theme in HBO fantasy shows is numerous plot lines slowly coming together over the course of a season, and Westworld is no different. And the place where all of the current story lines will come to a climactic head seems to be what is known to some as “The Valley Beyond,” and to others as “Glory,” “The Forge,” or “The Door.” In reality, it is the location of the Delos project to create immortality by bridging the gap between humans and hosts. Numerous groups of characters have been seeking it for some time now, and it seems in the finale, titled “The Passenger,” they’ll all finally find it.

The trailer for “The Passenger,” gives a pretty solid idea of what viewers can expect. It begins with a voiceover of Dolores telling an unknown host (that just might be Bernard) to “Freeze all motor functions.” We then see Maeve’s posse, led by Hector and Lee, arriving at Westworld headquarters on what looks like a rescue mission. This just might have been successful given that we see Maeve out and about in multiple parts of the trailer. An aspect that has flown under the radar a bit is that of Clementine. In episode nine, Delos board executive Charlotte Hale had the same code that Maeve uses to control other hosts successfully uploaded into Clementine. It’s clear she plans on using Clementine as a weapon to defeat the hosts and regain control of the park, but what’s to stop Clementine from disobeying orders at any point? Regardless, with both Maeve and Clementine commanding armies of hosts things are bound to get messy.

Another scene worth noting shows Dolores and Bernard exploring a place similar to the portion of The Cradle where Ford’s consciousness was residing before the Cradle was destroyed. Given that the Cradle is where host backups were stored, this place is likely a part of The Valley Beyond, where the human equivalent profiles are kept by Delos.



In addition, it seems we’ll finally fill the time gap between the present events of this season, and the handful of scenes that have seemed to take place in the future. Some future scenes throughout this season have included Bernard and the Delos rescue team discovering hundreds of hosts, including Teddy, lying dead in a lake. And of course with Teddy now dead, it will be very interesting to see where Dolores’ path goes now. Scenes from the trailer hint a reunion with William, fresh off his psychological breakdown and murder of his own daughter and several Delos employees. At the end of episode nine he is wandering the park contemplating suicide and wondering how his decisions could have possibly been his own. The last we see of him; he is cutting into his right arm the same way Bernard had done in order to access his code so he could effectively delete Ford’s consciousness from his system. In William’s case, he suspects himself as being a host, and is digging to see what he’ll find under his skin. Which begs the question, did Ford put him through all this to reveal his being a host, or just an evil person? He’ll likely find out on Sunday.

“The Passenger,” was directed by Frederick E.O. Toye, the same filmmaker responsible for the seventh episode of season one, “Trompe L’Oeil,” where it was first revealed that Bernard is a host. It will air on Sunday, June 24 at 9 PM EST on HBO.

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