Some might not actually remember or know that before Wesley Snipes got involved with helping to develop a Blade movie he first wanted to get a Black Panther movie together, which obviously didn’t get made.

While speaking with Kevin McCarthy at the red carpet for Dolemite Is My Name, Wesley dished a little about why he made Blade and gave a couple of details about the 90s Black Panther movie that never came together.

SNIPES: “I tried to get Black Panther [made], I had the rights to Black Panther, maybe four or five years before the Blade project came around.”

“When Blade came around because we didn’t do Black Panther, our version of it, I thought it would be cool opportunity for me to do something for truly my friends. All the martial arts cats, all the cats that love Shaft.”

MCCARTHY: What was your version of Black Panther? Was there anything specific that was different? Was it R-rated?

SNIPES: “At that time, we didn’t have the technology, but we would have done all the vibranium. I wanted it to be like what the comic was with the super city with the super-science.”

Black Panther wasn’t even an easy sell at Marvel Studios, as it was recently revealed in a book from Disney CEO Bob Iger that Marvel executives had a tough time agreeing to make the Black Panther movie while Kevin Feige had been fighting for it. Feige eventually getting his way and the film blew-up and earned an Oscar nomination for Best Picture.

Some of the issues with the 1990s version is that the studios believed that audiences would confuse the film with the Black Panther Party movement and expect to see a political film, rather than a superhero adventure movie. A silly argument, given the version we eventually got.

Wesley Snipes was certainly ahead of the curve to see the potential of Marvel Comics characters on the big screen.


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