It was announced in June via TheHollywoodReporter, that Back To The Future director Robert Zemeckis would be replacing Guillermo del Toro on a Warner Bros. remake of 1990 film The Witches. Based on the classic novel by Roald Dahl.

While staying at a hotel in England with his grandmother, Helga, young Luke inadvertently spies on a convention of witches. The Grand High Witch reveals a plan to turn all children into mice through a magical formula. When they find that Luke has overheard, the witches test the formula on him. Now, with the help of Helga and the hotel manager, Mr. Stringer, Luke the mouse must fight back against the witches.




There is now a possible update concerning when and where that film will be shot. Our friends over at DiscussingFilm have heard that the studio is looking to begin shooting The Witches movie remake starting in April in the United Kingdom.

HN Entertainment believes that The Witches will be shot at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in Surrey, England. The main studio location where Warner Bros. shoots their Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film.

The studio is also developing a Willy Wonka prequel film, which is based on the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory character created by Roald Dahl.

A release date for The Witches has yet to be announced by Warner Bros. but it’s likely they’ll aim for a spot sometime in 2020.


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