ABC Adelaide has word from Steven Marshall, the Premier of South Australia that New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. is indeed shooting their Mortal Kombat film in the state at Adelaide Studios in Glenside, South Australia and will be bringing $70 million (I assume in Australian dollars) along with 580 local jobs to the area.

Adding that pre-production on Mortal Kombat begins this month.

Here are some other sources for big the announcement which include Steven Marshall himself.

Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black and Jennifer Kent’s The Babadook were previously shot in the area.

In March 2018, I first reported at OmegaUnderground that New Line Cinema was scouting Australia for a possible shooting location, which was denied by James Wan in a now-deleted tweet. This news would confirm that original reporting was indeed correct.

ThatHashtagShow also reported recently that Australian actor Joel Edgerton was wanted for the role of Kano.

As pre-production begins there is an expectation that we’ll start getting some official casting announcements for the film very soon and filming could begin in the summer/fall.

The video game film is being produced by Aquaman’s James Wan and is currently at New Line Cinema. A script had been worked on by Greg Russo, Oren Uziel, and Dave Callaham (The Expendables, Shang-Chi, Wonder Woman 84). Simon McQuoid last we heard was still attached to direct.

Given that the Mortal Kombat video game franchise is known for its graphic violence and the mature audience there has been an expectation that film could lean towards an R-rating. Australia should provide the studio with a large amount of varied exterior locations outside of the sound stages.


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