Deadline reports that Warner Bros. will be developing an original action science fiction film Cloaker that was penned by screenwriter Joby Harold, who recently was announced as the working on Zack Snyder’s Netflix action-horror flick Army of The Dead for Netflix. They also mention the tone is similar to the Bourne and John Wick films.

Warner Bros has made a preemptive deal for Cloaker, an original action sci-fi pitch to Warner Bros. Harold, along with Safehouse producing partner Tory Tunnell, is producing, with Safehouse’s Matt Schwartz exec producing. The plot is being kept under wraps but we are told it’s in the vein of the Bourne and John Wick franchises with a groundbreaking sci-fi element.

It’ll be interesting since King Arthur: Legend of The Sword screenwriter has been involved with other projects such being one of the many people to rewrite WB’s Flash script and had also been one of many writers that worked on Dough Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow. Joby sounds like a script doctor that has been kept mostly under the radar which means most of his work is uncredited, the more famous script doctors working today include Billy Ray and Christopher McQuarrie.

Without a director and synopsis, we’ll need to hear more information about the project to get amped-up but it sounds like there was something there enough to pick up the pitch from Joby.


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