The next installment in Bethesda’s Wolfenstein video game franchise will be Wolfenstein: Youngblood this time following the twin daughters of hero BJ Blazkowicz, who are named Jess and Soph. BJ has gone missing and the girls are tasked to find him and kill a lot of Nazis along the way. The setting has moved from the alternative Nazi-occupied United States of the 1960s to this universe’s version of Paris in the 1980s, renamed New Paris and also under control by Nazis.

Set in 1980, 19 years after BJ Blazkowicz ignited the second American Revolution, Wolfenstein: Youngblood introduces the next Blazkowicz generation to the fight against the Nazis. Play as one of BJ’s twin daughters, Jess and Soph, as you search for your missing father in Nazi-occupied Paris.

No Nazi scum are gonna stand in their way.

It’s interesting to see the game seemingly take some stylistic cues from Far Cry’s Blood Dragon, could be something fun at the very least. I’m a little curious if they’ll be pivoting to the girls in future releases or just playing around in the sandbox in this alternative timeline obviously directly influenced by Philip K. Dick’s The Man In The High Castle.

They’ve also announced you can Pre-Order the game before the official release date of July 26th. Wolfenstein: Youngblood will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, XBox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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