RoboCop remains one of the greatest action films of the 1980s, it might even be arguably the greatest. Well, it looks like some folks in the UK have put together an impressive and definitive documentary which seemingly mirrors the documentaries that were put together for 20th Century Fox’s Alien Quadrilogy release years ago.

The film’s Twitter account dropped a re-edited version of their older trailer which certainly has us dying to see this get released and saying ”I’d buy that for a dollar”.

The trailer reveals an impressive collection of interviews with filmmakers, writers, and the cast. Along with director Paul Verhoeven himself, who might be one of the greatest and reluctant science fiction directors to ever tackle the genre.

RoboCop seemingly will continue on with Neill Blomkamp’s direct sequel RoboCop Returns for Orion Pictures and MGM. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this will actually come together, unlike Alien 5 did.

Here is a previous trailer for the documentary.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, produced by Jon Davison and written by Ed Neumeier & Michael Miner, first released in 1987 ‘RoboCop’ has since become one of the most iconic and successful movies of the 1980s, a movie that was well ahead of its time and has left a lasting impression on fans across the globe. RoboCop is a movie that many fans watched as children when they were too young to understand the social commentary of this R-Rated movie, yet they were instantly hooked on the future of law enforcement.

From Dead Mouse Productions Ltd and Cult Screenings UK Ltd, makers of ‘Leviathan: The Story of Hellraiser and Hellbound: Hellraiser II’ and ‘You’re so cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night’ comes to this new documentary ‘RoboDoc’. A fully independent retrospective into the making of ‘RoboCop’ and its cultural impact over the last 30 years. Supported by dozens of the original cast and crew ‘RoboDoc’ is made by fans of the movie for fans of the movie. The crew has already received support from over 20 of the cast and crew as well as the RoboCop Archive and there is no doubt that by the time of production many more key players will be attached and share their amazing stories about one of the iconic movies ever made.

The documentary is made as a labour of love by a team of ‘RoboCop’ fans, Director Christopher Griffiths states “To say that RoboCop is a big part of my life is an understatement. Just ask anybody who knows me. It is the film that started it all from me at an age when I probably shouldn’t have been watching it like many others, but I did and I have grown up with it and found new things each time I watch it.”

A release date hasn’t been nailed-down officially but it’s looking like it’ll be released sometime in 2019, after previously eyeing 2017.

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