Variety reports that J.J. Abrams’ new mega-deal to find a new home for his production company could be valued in the $500 million range. The two suitors said to be in the lead contention include WarnerMedia and Apple, the former is the frontrunner between the two.

Though no decision has been made, J.J. Abrams looks to be closing in on a destination for a new mega-deal for his production company Bad Robot that could be valued at nearly half a billion dollars. Sources tell Variety that WarnerMedia is emerging as the frontrunner to land the filmmaker and TV mind behind “Alias” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

However, Apple is also said to be in strong contention for a deal that could be historic in scope.

They also allude that Abrams may pass on offers from Disney and Comcast.

Bad Robot has worked on television and film making them a production company that can help WarnerMedia in the growing streaming wars becoming the new landscape of media entertainment from the big entertainment companies.

Also, having J.J. Abrams as a creative voice/producer would be worth its weight in gold as seen with recent projects like HBO’s Westworld. Abrams also has extensive franchise experience working on the Cloverfield universe, Paramount’s Star Trek, and Disney’s Star Wars. This could be a huge help for WarnerMedia as they have a lot of franchises that Bad Robot could get involved with.

WarnerMedia would certainly be a place where the original genre-focused material could be seen as bankable feature films and worthy streaming material as well, not unlike Netflix. I’m sure Abrams would want a home where they can still make original features like their recent WWII flick Overlord.


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