Netflix has announced today that the sequel series to History’s Vikings has officially moved from History to the streaming giant.

The series from MGM Television titled Vikings: Valhalla comes from Vikings creator Mike Hirst and will be written/produced by Jeb Stuart.

Valhalla will take place 100 years after the other show and focus on the most famous Viking heroes.

Here is the press release from Netflix.

Netflix today announced Vikings: Valhalla, a new original series from creator Michael Hirst that continues the storytelling of his beloved epic Vikings saga.

The new saga begins 100 years after the original series concludes and dramatizes the adventures of the most famous Vikings who ever lived – Leif Erikson, Freydis, Harald Harada and the Norman King William the Conqueror (also a Viking descendant). These men and women will blaze new paths as they fight for survival in an ever changing and evolving Europe. This is the explosive next chapter of the Vikings legend.

Executive Producer: Michael Hirst (Vikings, The Tudors), Jeb Stuart (The Fugitive, Die Hard, The Liberator) and Morgan O’Sullivan (Vikings, Penny Dreadful).

They’ve picked-up 24 episodes of Vikings: Valhalla but it’s unknown how they’ll roll-out them out.

It’s unclear why the series moved to Netflix from History/Hulu.

The show will likely fit in nicely with Cursed, The Witcher, and The Last Kingdom.


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